Labour hated it, the rest of the world not so much

The Labour party opposed every step to have The Hobbit made here, they became known as The Hobbit Haters…the rest of the world however seems quite enamoured with The Hobbit:

The Hobbit has set a December movie record for North American box office sales of US$84.77 million (NZ$100.30m) as legions of fans turned out for the long-awaited big-screen return to Middle Earth.

The 3D movie directed by Oscar-winning Rings filmmaker Peter Jackson is the first of three films based on a 1937 classic novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. Warner Bros. is aiming to build on the success of the Rings series, one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises with US$2.9 billion (NZ$3.43b) in global ticket sales.


In New Zealand, there is a peculiar clarity to the sunlight. On a bright day, everything is thrown into high contrast. Highlights blaze; shadows are cast very, very dark. The effect makes the grass that covers the hills of North Island appear greener than grass anywhere else in the world. It looks almost like AstroTurf, or a golf course, though it is perfectly natural.

When director Peter Jackson decided to set The Lord of the Rings films in New Zealand, he knew that his native land could provide landscapes so spectacular that in many cases they would need little camera trickery to become the fantastical Middle-earth locations described by JRR Tolkien. They already looked just right.