Labour is the Nasty Party, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about Clare Curran’s nasty little trick regarding hampers for the redundant workers at Hillside.

She moaned about it on Twitter suggest it wasn’t as it seemed.

But a quote from Curran’s Facebook?page leaves no doubt on who organised and?presented the hampers.

“Today marks the end of 130 years Engineering at Hillside Workshops. I?hope that the hamper I gave to each worker yesterday will do a little?to brighten their Christmas at this tough and uncertain time. Please?stop work today at 11am to mark the passing of 130 years Engineering?at Hillside, even if you can?t make it down there.”

Each but one, the one worker made redundant who wasn’t part of the union and who is a National?party?member?, that one got nothing except abuse for being a “scabber”.