Labour’s Mike Smith gets a grass roots reality check

At the 2012 Worst Political Blog, Mike Smith is being told how disconnected loyal labour voters feel from what’s left of their party.

Molly Polly pours her heart out:

You see Mike, many Labour Party members and potential supporters are currently despairing of Labour.

Take my family gathering at Christmas for instance.

My extended whanau are on the whole favourable to Labour. I myself am a long serving LP member. Even had a crack as a candidate in a National stronghold many years back. There was no hope of winning but at least Labour supporters had someone to vote for! My kids (now adults) were brought up delivering LP pamphlets, helping at fundraising events and taking turns working on LP stalls at the markets.

That’s dyed-in-the-wool Labour, right there.

At Christmas lunch the talk turned to politics. There has been a noticeable shift in my once staunch LP family members. Those under 40 are now Green Party members or supporters. Some voted that way at the last election or split their vote. My adult kids stood behind Labour, but they were faltering until Phil Goff lifted his game in the last few weeks and his heroic push at the end persuaded them to give both their votes to Labour.

Without exception, their support for Labour has now waned. They feel more in tune with the Greens and particularly their Leaders, Turei and Norman. They like their policies, they like what the Greens stand for. I doubt they will ever come back to Labour. Just like many of the friends.

It looks like there is a vacuum on the left for disaffected Labour voters to find a new home. ?In the absence of the “Real Labour”, the Greens are the next best fit.

Those over 40 at our family gathering said they were increasingly despondent with Labour. One of them over dinner said, ?It feels like Labour is a train wreck about to happen, albeit in slow motion, and there is nothing we can do to stop it!?

He went on to say, ? We had Goff slowly inching his way to disaster in the last election?and now it feels like history is repeating itself. For Goff it was going to be a hard task to win as Key was still basking in undeserved public glory. But today the general public are beginning to see through Mr Nice Guy, and the Government, is in fact, a fucking train wreck. A perfect opportunity for Labour. But what do we have? A boring, uninspiring, insipid, bumbling Leader, who so far, is unable to display much confidence in Labour winning in 2014.?

So, what is a loyal Labour supporter activist to do?

So as you can see Mike, many of my whanau have lost faith in Labour. The younger ones of course have already departed, but for those of us who remain, we are struggling. We feel so dispirited that we can?t even face going to LEC meetings. When we do it feels like a charade?everyone pretending to be positive about Labour and the direction it is taking, but never a mention of the elephant in the room. We know we should attend more and speak our minds, but that is difficult to do when one?s MP is close to the Leader and is part of the ABC group.

For many of us it has got to the stage that even that person is not likely to get our vote at the next election, let alone the Party.

(I can?t believe I have actually written that last sentence?)