Leave them up there

Stuff reports that two prisoners have taken to the roof of Manawatu Prison yesterday:

Corrections’ attempts to get the prisoners down would not be revealed, for ”safety reasons”.

The spokesman said a review of prison procedures, including how the prisoners got on to the roof, would be carried out once they were down.

He would not reveal details of the prisoners, including their ages, offences, or how they got on to the roof.

While they remained on the roof the safety of prison staff and the prisoners was ”paramount”.

Senior Sergeant Brett Calkin said police were alerted to the situation shortly before 5pm yesterday

There was no risk of them escaping, the spokesman said.

What will happen is that some normally bored but now over-excited correctional officers and police will give those inmates all the attention they crave. ?But it will be much more effective to ignore them. ?Think of the prison roof as the Naughty Step.

They’ve had a cold night up there, and now face a nice hot sun. ?By the time it gets dark they’ll be very thirsty and that prison food will smell oh-so-good.

Leave them up there for another night, and ask them to come down tomorrow morning.