Let’s get fracking

Britain has embraced fracking…and the results are stunning.

Meanwhile the Green taliban prevent and oppose all forms of progress here in New Zealand.

The huge shale gas deposit around Blackpool is 50pc larger than previously thought, according to reports.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is currently carrying out a review of the UK’s shale gas reserves, which will be published in the new year.

The Times newspaper reported on Friday night that the BGS will conclude that the the 1,000 square kilometres covered by the Bowland Basin to the east of Blackpool contains 300 trillion cubic feet of gas. This is roughly 17 times more than the known reserves in the North Sea.

In 2011, exploration company Cuadrilla estimated there was 200 trillion cubic feet of gas in the area.

The news comes just two days after George Osborne said shale gas could make a ?substantial contribution? to UK gas supplies from the 2020s. The Chancellor also revealed in his Autumn Statement that the development will be overseen by a dedicated Office for Unconventional Gas and Oil. He is looking at tax breaks to encourage its development.