Luckiest Man in New Zealand?

Jane Clifton gloriously takes the piss out of Brendan Horan.  A complete mocking where she concludes Horan is the luckiest MP around.

He can continue to collect not too far shy of $200,000 a year for the next couple of years, being in his new caucus of one, assigning himself to do nothing in particular if he can’t think of anything to do that he fancies.

Provided he turns up to Parliament for most sitting days, there is nothing to stop him collecting his full pay and, as David Lange used to say of MPs’ other entitlements, flying to Timaru every week to change his library books if he feels like it.

He suffers the worst fate of all, comparisons with Alamein Kopu.

In resisting the brow-smiting exit, he need look no further for precedent than the former Alliance MP Alamein Kopu, who, turfed from her caucus for chronic absenteeism, continued to come to Parliament as a fully fledged MP basically to drink cups of tea with the then Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.

Kopu made no contribution to public life before, during or after her time in sacked exile – unless you count the one extra vote the National Government was only too happy to have. But did she feel shame? Not on your Nelly.  She had been selected by her party peers, and her legal position was bullet-proof.

And everything the public loathes about MP’s.

He can continue to collect not too far shy of $200,000 a year for the next couple of years, being in his new caucus of one, assigning himself to do nothing in particular if he can’t think of anything to do that he fancies.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    What else do you guys think all the Labour list MPs are doing?

  • Gazzaw

    It’s probably time for the total focus to be moved away from Horan and on to NZFP’s candidate selection processes. Why & how did they select Horan? It obviously wasn’t based on the success of his racing tips to Winston.

    • John1234

      On the subject of NZF candidate selection – how about Andrew Williams? This dude’s claims to fame include pissing in public, drunken ranting and txting public figures at 3am.

      I can see the drunken ranting bit finding a friend in Winston, I suppose.

  • rouppe

    If he forms his own party, and makes himself leader, I think he can get a leaders salary to boost that, can’t he?

    • Mediaan

      Somebody here earlier suggested a party named, “None of them”. The NoneOfThem Party could probably get 500 signatures, and yes, request extra money, staff, better office, and free advertising time at elections.

  • How much does a high list place cost these days?

  • Goldie

    So Brendan Horan is going to be paid a lot of money for doing nothing.
    How does this differ from other NZ First MPs?

    • Travis Poulson

      I think the defining factor is that he’s gone from doing nothing, to ‘nothing to do’.

    • Apolonia

      Maybe Horan could lend Winston $158,000 so Winston could pay his party’s outstanding debt to the taxpayers of New Zealand.

    • Troy

      … and, no different to his majesty Harawira who hardly ever appears at parliament, but obviously enough to pick up his monthly paycheck. Mr Sunshine will stand for the loopy Mana party next election but for now he can sit back and relax, put on the kilos and put on that stupid supercilious grin he has and there’s twat all we can do about it. What a sham.

  • Macca

    The really sad thing here is that the bulk of NZ first voters didn’t even realize this numpty (along with others), would get in to parliament in the first place! They all thought everything was going to be just fine and dandy if the voted for the old snake oil salesman himself! Just what they thought he was going to be able to effect is any ones guess!

  • Mark

    Didn’t Anderton do the same thing when he left Alliance in 2002?

  • nelson muntz

    I’ll raise you the dumbest ‘man’ in NZ

  • Mr_Blobby

    I like the comparison to Kopu. But really it is just so maori isn’t it. The list of maori MP achievements would be a very short list, if you left off success stories like how much they extracted from the TAX payer in return for absolutely nothing.

    Long overdue for the removal of race based politics from our political system.

  • spreading the wealth. hes a socialist.