Manly Life Hacks, Ctd

How to open a beer without a bottle opener. These tips won’t be needed at most of the Labour Party BBQs mind you, there should always be someone with powerful thighs handy.

But for the rest of us, this clip may save you from a critical situation over summer.


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  • Want to live to the other side of Christmas? Dont use the kitchen bench top or draw handle

  • To quote Terry Pratchett in Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook (the section on Ettiquete:
    At least if you need to know if an admiral takes precedence over a field marshal you can look it up, but it takes an unusual grasp of the special etiquette of the wilder parts of town to rank these in order:
    A man who once forced another man to eat his own ear.
    A man who can drink three pints of ale in seven seconds.
    A man who can fart the National Anthem while whistling his own accompaniment.
    A man who can open beer bottles with his teeth.
    A man who can open beer bottles with someone else’s teeth.
    A man who is known to have killed nine people, not counting trolls.
    And remember that the penalty for getting this wrong isn’t that someone is going to be mortally offended. Someone will be offended, mortally.

  • James M

    One of my favourites is to used the shackle on your car door. perfect for when you just arrived to the beach

  • GregM

    The nail gun does the business, gotta be a bit careful when you’re on the second crate…