Maori troughers

Maori troughing is spreading at an alarming rate:

Troughers in the Waikato

A Waikato University researcher has received almost $500,000 to lead a two year international study on indigenous well-being.

Dean of the School of Maori and Pacific Development Linda Tuhiwai Smith has been awarded $424,000 from New Zealand’s Indigenous Centre of Research Excellence, Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga.

Education, health, language revitalisation and economic development are known factors of Maori development but Ms Smith said she wants to kick it into the next gear.

Trougher in Canterbury

Environment Canterbury will spend nearly $700,000 this financial year on a Ngai Tahu “engagement” programme, which has included staff helping write a waiata.

The figures were provided to the Timaru Herald after news that 21 staff from the council’s Timaru and Christchurch offices last week completed a two-day excursion to the Arowhenua marae in Temuka.

A second marae visit for other staff, to Port Levy, is planned for February.

Nice if you can get the work. The bro-raracy really knows how to get their trotters deep in the trough.


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  • starboard

    clause 6 of the TOW states ” thou must forever trough “..

  • surfisup

    A classic is the tauranga council members travelling to christchurch to provide a maori welcome for a departing BOP council employee at his new job in christchurch (paid for unknowingly by by the people of tauranga)

    They got caught out when one of the earthquakes occurred and the footage from the welcoming ceremony was broadcast on the news. There were quite some questions to be answered as to why they were in christchurch and who paid.

    Maoris are severely holding back New Zealand now. Everytime you want to do something, you need to first ask a maori how much.

  • blazer

    so $4.24 is almost $5…?

    • Mickrodge

      Yes it is…what’s your point monkey foreskin eyes?

      • blazer

        it might be in your world but not on earth…’re not talking to your mirror.

  • Patrick

    Other countries consider these arrangements to be corruption or graft.
    In NZ we seem to see it differently

  • Gazzaw

    And precisely what the fuck is indigenous wellbeing?

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Dunno, but it will be hiding with the “smart, green economy”.

    • Pita

      I dunno either, but it will be found to be lacking.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        And expensive, that’s a given.

        • tarkwin

          And the lack of it will be our fault.

          • Gazzaw

            ….and therefore become another item that we have to shell out for under the TOW. Oh, plus an apology from the PM.

    • Travis Poulson

      It’s about how well they’re being indigenous.

  • greatscott

    That money could provide breakfast for the poorest Maori kids for at least a couple of months.

  • Pita

    In these politically correct times, to do less could be interpreted as racist.

  • thor42

    I just WISH that John Ansell would get his anti-Treaty group “Together NZ” registered as a political party. *Surely* it would manage to get 5% of the vote!
    I’d sure as hell vote for them.

  • steve and monique

    Here we go with that word indigenous( bullshit ) again.Both races(tourists) floated down here,and the first born of both became indigenous to NZ.Seems though it is a good word for keeping the trough full as far as maori are concerned.Lets all claim some money for our white tourist settlers as well,as we are indigenous too.Hey if its good for one lot of brown boat people,its good for the white boat people as well.As for all the other bullshit claims FFS. When are the majority of white indigenous people of this country going to say enough.

    • starboard

      only when they come knocking on their front door..until then apathetic nz’ers will just sit back and keep taking it up the blurta . We need to all get together and support John Ansell’s Colourblind State campaign.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Where is Penny Bright in her crusade for stamping out corruption? (please don’t ban me Mr. WO for mentioning that name)

    • You’re on your final warning. -89,283,389 demerit points.

  • Rua Tumeke

    lmfao. what a load of garbage. troughing aye? how about white CE’s getting paid 2x that of the PM (to be pissed away on vino and holidays for 3 to Fiji, as well as propping up white elitism)…
    I almost pity all the anon-rednecks that ‘openly’ vent on these boards. You know, and I know, that pakeha NZers are too soft to be straight up racists. Poor old Aotearoa inherited middle (at a stretch) to bottom class citizens from mother England, those who wouldn’t say boo to a ghost, those who have an impulse to bury their heads in the sand, and those who just didn’t have enough skill and class to make the top tier back home. (Not quite the ‘scumbag class’, they ended up in Oz)
    You secondclass-rednecks are monarchy-pussy-whipped simple softcocks who’ll continue to giveway while the rest of us take advantage of your servantile dna.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Martyn, is that you?

    • Mickrodge

      Fuck me, what sort of sanctimonious hooch potion are you drinking today Rua?

      Troughing is troughing however you look at it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because today’s example happens to shine light on the brorocracy.

      There’s plenty of sunlight being shone on the white mofo’s here too.

    • greatscott

      Hey Rua,

      Guess what? Those white CEO’s (CEO is the word you’re after) don’t steal (it’s stealing) from the public purse – they are paid by private companies.

      However, half a million dollars for a piss up is ridiculous, you could organise a bus for about $2000 and get a dozen crates of double brown, and a couple pigs and you’re sorted.

      Please, idiot, can you tell us how spending that much is a good investment for the country at all?

      Oh also, plenty of Maori have joined the ranks of CEO’s, etc. However they get off their arse and try, and thats the problem with allowing handouts like these – you should want you’re people to aspire to be wealthy? Or do you still want them to drink and beat each other to death? If so, you must hate your own people.

      • starboard

        Sir Wilson Whineray springs to mind as does Sir Ralph Norris and Wayne Walden, 3 maoris who got off their arses and gave it a go, who succeeded. You wana try it rua, bro.

      • Rua Tumeke

        Hey greatscott,
        Tell that to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And it’s CE’s in this case sleepyhead… (heck I thought I’d have an easier time spelling this out to ‘intelligent’ white boys but alas, I give them too much credit!)

        And to clarify for the rest of you ignorant inbreds, the ‘troughing’ examples, (hugely racist and weak in comparison to the actual troughing being happily undertaken by state-owned Chief Execs), are one-off payments to groups who are doing more than, and if you impatient woah-is-me’s had enough respect to read the first post, pissing away that money on pertuating drunkeness to escape from an ingrained pessimistic outlook on existence.

        And we’re not talking about the private sector, come on now lads wakey wakey…

        @Alsh – Get rid of the monarchy therefore the treaty, I wonder how that will pan out when your government decides to void that ‘contract’.

        And who the hell drinks double brown these days, poor white students? It’s a box of ‘Woodies’ ya idiot.

        • greatscott

          You just don’t understand do you? At least these CE’s as you call them get off their ass and go to work in the morning, and worked thier way up the corporate ladder, more then any of these troughers ever do, unless its to water their cannabis

    • starboard

      ppffft..those white CEO’s would of earned their keep you stupid maori. Unlike you lot lazy mo/fo’s sittin on ya fat arses all day planning bank robberies…speaking of that…aint you out on parole loser ?

    • Alsh

      Yep you are right Rua, lets get rid of the monarchy (Crown) and the Treaty. The troughing will reduce by a 100%.

  • Howie

    As a Pommie import of ten years, I am amazed at this unrelenting bullshit. However, kiwis seem only able to complain and continue to sit on their hands. Only in NZ eh!

    • Hazards001

      What amazes me is you sold out your own country to the towel heads surrendered Christmas to them, invented political correctness then jump on a boat and pop over here to sink the boot into kiwis. What exactly do you suggest we do? Don masks and light torches? No one did it in your part of the world or you’d probably still be there!

      • Howie

        Thanks for that. Just relax, take it easy, You’ii have a heart attack. Allahu Akbar.

        • Hazards001

 that’s your suggestion? Well done.

          • Howie

            I think the masks and torches idea is a bad one. Probably illegal, and good riddance to Christmas.

            You seem to have quite a problem with our coloured cousins (towel heads). Racism is a terrible thing. Quite a bit in good ole’ NZ I believe.

            FYI I support various equal rights blogs, petitions etc. but I have never replied to a blog post before. You can now see why. As a foreigner, I see your reaction as very predictable, and a very good reason for leaving you to it. Unfortuately racist comments to white people are not illegal. As your friend Hone proves.

          • Hazards001

            My friend Hone?

            1) I’m a 7th generation working European of Irish/Scottish descent IE. an Indigenous New Zealander
            2) I have no idea what an equal rights blog is.
            3) You think torches and masks is a bad idea? I think it’s a fucking appalling one. Have you ever heard of irony?
            4) This country is the ONLY place I have to call home. I am proud to be a kiwi and I am proud of my many friends of all races, religions and creeds that I work with, drink with and am related to. I have two nephews that are Maori. Their father is one of my best friends (so is their mother just in case she see’s this lol).

            And when someone comes along and feels like shoving the boot in with a comment like “However, kiwis seem only able to complain and continue to sit on their hands.” I feel an overwhelming need to respond! Sorry if I hurt your feelings though, was not my intent. Everyone should have their say on this site. Keep responding, that’s what makes it so great. Merry Christmas.

  • Michael

    In other news, the government deficit is higher than expected due to a reduced tax take.

    Priorities??? Time to turn the spot light on these troughers.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    News Flash – year 2035:

    The Maori senate of the Aotearoa Government has announced a grant of $140.65 to the Te Whare Whanunga o Otago (previously known as the University of Otago), non-Maori development department. The grant is for the study of historical grievances since the transition to an all Maori governing Senate in 2020.

    The Minister for non-Maori Affairs said he was pleased to assist non-Maori in forming a committee to resolve these issues but reminded the University that protest was now illegal and any white person breaking the “whanau time” 9pm curfew would be arrested.

    The shape of things to come?