Marmageddon nearly over

It looks like Marmageddon is nearly over…all we appear to be waiting for now is some council jobsworth with a clipboard.

Christchurch Factory Update | 5 December 2012

Just to update you on our factory progress, the Council Building inspector started his inspection last Friday and has been back on site again this week to complete the assessment. As you can imagine, it’s a big job to ensure that the site is safe and meets the new building and safety standards. He has provided his report and there are a few additional things he wants rectified.

At this stage, if no unforeseen issues arise, we anticipate having our Council approval (CPU) by Friday 14 December. This will give us formal access to start reviewing the functionality of our manufacturing plant and equipment for commissioning purposes. As we outlined previously, this entails running water through the production pipes to check the seals and pipes to ensure the functionality of each part of the plant. We will then pump some bulk stock through to make sure that it functions well and correct any small issues that may come up.

If all goes well, we can then start making bulk stock. Once we have enough bulk stock, it then has to be blended to achieve our unique Marmite flavour that Kiwis love. The next step will be to pack stock to get Marmite back on shelf.



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  • Michael

    meh, vegimite man, so never phased me :D

  • LesleyNZ

    Good news! Vegemite is horrible – too salty.

  • Well, at least NZ Marmite will be on the shelves before Sanitarium start paying Taxes and stop threatening people (Kiwis as well as us “whinging poms”) who speak out about them. They really are a repulsive company – but I doubt any people will care once the shelves are full. Which according to people working on the site I was chatting to a few weeks ago isn’t going to be as soon as Sanitarium claim it is.

    • Don’t be a silly bitch…Sanitarium only don;t pay taxes because they give enormous amounts to charity…one or the other sweetie….can’t have both.

      You just sound like a bitter and twisted lefty cow.

      • Scanner

        The bitch slap to end all bitch slaps.

      • Wow. Im actually shocked – you yourself have spoken out about Sanitarium’s tax exemption. In fact I think that’s where I started blogging about it. You have also spoken out about their bullying. And to be honest – it is actually your stance on taking the time to investigate these things properly that lead me to start looking into the facts behind this case. So to have you call me a Silly Bitch is really uncalled for,. I am a huge fan of your blog, and your call for the MSM to actually investigate issues – and I have tried hard to take that on board when I blog about his stuff. Everything I have said about Sanitarium is backed with evidence, research and OIA requests, which I believe is what you would do yourself.

        I am so sorry that I have caused you such offense that you needed to do this and crap all over a blogger (its the Pom thing isn’t it?). A blogger you supported a few years back when I first started and who supported you when you faced court. Was I a Silly Bitch when I paid $250.towards your Court costs? Was I a silly bitch when I fought for a Bloggers right to give advice on Immigration? Or Am I just a silly bitch because I am an ex-pat Brit backing an Ex-Pat Brit against a “100% Kiwi Owned” company – even if they aren’t? Am I Silly Bitch for having looked up to this blog? I guess so.

        If you aren’t interested in what Sanitarium are up to – that’s fine. I know that – I didn’t know that I was not allowed to comment on your blog without you shitting all over me. But hey – since I started blogging about Sanitarium – you aren’t the first one to hurl abuse at me (at least you do it under your own name) – you won’t be the last I’m sure. The sheer viciousness of Sanitarium supporters has gobsmacked me to be honest – but Im getting used to it. You don’t have to agree with me, and you don’t even have to agree with yourself, but really was this necessary?

        • Rubbish OIA request back anything up. Sanitarium are not subject to the OIA, they are a private business, that plows “profits” into charitable activities…..your ex-pat Brit that you are standing behind has been lying to the media…I have been digging and what I have found won;t be good for your pal in Christchurch.

          Sanitarium are trying to re-build a factory…employ people and maintain a presence in Christchurch…that is what they are up to…obviously you want them to go elsewhere…like so many other business that have abandoned the city.

          You also clearly have no concept of intellectual property or intellectual property laws…instead you are taking the falsehoods of one supplier and making out Sanitarium are bad…how about you ask your pal to start telling the Truth and start honouring the undertakings he has made but failed to keep.

          • spollyike

            You idiot’s! I don’t get how in one breath you can support things like gay marriage and so called equal rights (PC crap) and in the next breath support a company like Sanatarium. Look at what they stand for:

            In the past the have launched controversial forays into election campaigns in Australia, New Zealand the US, accused of trawling for dirt on the sex life of the NZ Prime Minister’s husband. Politics is an odd game for a fundamentalist church that prefers a low profile and forbids its flock from voting. But paradoxes abound in the Exclusive Brethren. They’re a relatively small outfit that owns considerable property assets. They ban mod cons like the Internet, TVs and mobile phones but run a profitable office equipment business. Crucially, they pride themselves as a bastion of family values and are therefore heavily anti homosexual marriage. The Brethren refuse to socialise with any outsiders, even close relatives, purposefully separating themselves from a world they see as morally corrupt. Infractions of internal rules – real or perceived – can lead to excommunication, or being “withdrawn from”, and complete, permanent isolation from loved ones.

            “I had a knock at the door saying that we’ve excommunicated you and you’re not to sleep with your wife tonight,” says one former senior Brethren member who fell out with the then leader more than 20 years ago and hasn’t seen his wife or children since. His sons wrote to tell him they don’t want to see him because he’s “not right and withdrawn from and out of fellowship”. He treasures these painful letters from his boys; he loves to look at their handwriting.

            A woman who left the Brethren voluntarily tells how they viewed her as dead – a “dead separation”. She too was cut off from her own family until her father was excommunicated. He never saw his wife again and died lonely, aged nearly 90.

            “Everything I loved was stripped from me,” says a man describing losing his wife and children, his home and his business. “These people claim to represent Christianity in its purest form but you look at the history stretching back 30 or 40 years and it’s just carnage – broken families, broken lives.”

            How can anyone that considers themselves in anyway liberal (i barely do and i can’t stand them) support a company run as a charity by these people, they are worse than iwi!

          • You are the idiot…Sanitarium is not the Exclusive Brethren. They are not involved in politics.

          • spollyike

            brethren vs seventh day inventists, who gives a fuck who they are, they are some sort of nutty religious outfit anyway.

          • With all due respect – customs *are* subject to OIA requests, as are government agencies if they are paying grants to the company . Sanitarium are also subject to having to supply accounts to the Charities commission (Just like Unions)- they are not exactly a private company – they are a registered charity and a religious organisation. If you have discovered something about Rob that would change my opinion – im happy to hear it. None of the stuff I have seen says hes lying – but hey – I could have missed something. Whereas quite a lot of what I have read about sanitarium says they are not telling the Truth..

            I have blogged about how Sanitarium deserve praise for rebuilding in Christchurch – I try to be fair and open – I have respect for them for sticking it out and have said so- please do not put words in my mouth – I have never criticized them for that. And I have never suggested they should have built elsewhere.. In fact I have been shocked about how much abuse they have received from people (Kiwis) for not moving the factory – because I believe that rebuilding in the city trumps anyone’s need for Yeast Spread on their toast.

            I also understand property law pretty well. But them I’m not actually a “lefty Cow” either- and having had some twat (above) fake my blog name to try and shut me up- im pretty up on how irritating it can be ( I assume that’s not you) ;). I’m not a lawyer – but I do understand what Trademarks Sanitarium own, and what they don’t own, and that some of the claims they are making are dubious at best (The case is not just about Marmite btw). I also know what Rob Savage agreed to, and what he didn’t agree to. I can tell you that he has not failed to keep any undertaking he made, he simply refused to sign a document with a whole load of added clauses he didn’t agree to. I’m not privy to the latest stuff because its with the lawyers, but last I heard he was still willing to action the original agreement.

            Maybe you would have done differently and signed the gag orders and extra clauses. But honestly – I doubt it. As someone who went to court to defend the right to speak out about name suppression – I would have thought you would understand not wanting to
            sign gag orders..

            Thank you though for taking the time to respond with more than names – I appreciate it I can assure you that I have not taken anything I have been told at face value. I checked out everything I could find. If I missed something – like I said Happy to hear it.

          • how dare you say that we have been lying to the media!What exactly do you base this on?I would be VERY interested in seeing what you have ‘dug’ up.

        • Of FFS here we go again. All you ever do is whinge, whinge and whinge some more. You whinge about standing in long lines waiting to buy tickets, you whinge about some food festival and the fact they need security to keep drunken louts out. You also seem to whinge constantly about Sanitarium which make me suspect you’re getting paid to campaign against the company?

          Regardless having looked at your blog site, it’s boring as batshit and makes me wonder why you even came to NZ considering you seem to delight in whingeing about everything under the sun.

          If you’re not happy in NZ then why don’t you just fuck right off back to where you came from. In that way you can whinge all you like.

        • LesleyNZ

          We love their Weetbix and their Marmite. I have never heard of you before Helen but you are sounding like Nicky Hagar. Conspiracy in the Marmite! Calm down and try a Marmite and Chippie sandwich – yummy!

        • I tell a lie sorry – I only donated $70 to your defense fund.

      • Neil

        Ouch – that was a bit rough – even for this site Cam.

      • totally uncalled for :(

    • Neil

      i’ve a always felt that santarium is a bit like the Seventh Day Adventists and their “Arrow” brand of businesses. Simple tax shelters.

      • Hi Neil
        The Seventh Day Adventists actually do own Sanitarium, as well as Lisa’s and Naked Organics (Via Life Health Foods). HTH :)

    • Mickrodge

      I’m with you Helen.

      I’ve got no time for Sanitarium & their “tax exempt” status so I choose not to use their products. Can’t quite understand why Cam needed to go feral.

      • Thank you. I think Cam hates Poms almost as much as he hates Unions! I guess its a risk you take when posting here. I’m just shocked that his opinion of Sanitarium has changed so much.

    • Hillary Green

      I’m very surprised at your attitude here Helen. You seem really bitter and twisted about Sanitarium and New Zealand made marmite. Your support of this Christchurch importer is surprising as you sound relatively intelligent. Sanitarium is protecting its brand as any one else would, particularly if they found someone trying to benefit on the back of another company’s brand. Abusing them calling them “a repulsive company’ is surprising as they employ New Zealanders and have contributed a lot back to the communities. Maybe you really like being a whinging pom, but the rest of New Zealand certainly doesn’t.

      • Hi Hillary –

        I know its easy to sit and think that this is just a bunch of us “Whinging poms” taking pot shots at a “Kiwi Company”, but my experience of this so far is that by and large it’s actually born and bred Kiwis who are if anything more offended and complaining (its only whinging when we do it) louder than we are. And it’s not just us whinging poms who have been threatened and intimidated by Sanitarium – so yes – I will label them a Repulsive Company.

        No one is trying to benefit off a “Kiwi Brand” – this is simply absurd to suggest. Once the factory is up and running, ex-pat kiwis will get to eat Sanitarium’s marmite in the UK once it gets there. No one will care that it infringes the original trademark, and Kiwi importers will not be threatened with court for allowing Kiwis to eat Sanitarium branded marmite.

        And I’m afraid I simply do not buy into the whole “they give to charity so they can do what they like” line of thinking. Im sorry if that belief is offensive to you – but there it is.


      • for the millionth time we have NEVER tried to benefit on the back of another company’s brand.We sell English Marmite to our English customers in our English shop.

        • Did you forget to mention supplying at least 5 other businesses?

          • we have made no secret of supplying other British shops

          • I cant find anything that suggests Rob has ever claimed only to supply one store. He’s an importer. Oddly enough his business supplies multiple stores (4 with Marmite as far as I am aware). Is there a link to this?

          • P1LL

            Come on Cameron everybody knows it is not real kiwi marmite.
            They are being a bunch of precious [email protected] like most Mormons. I think you have got this one wrong buddy.

  • Shoreboy57

    Hanging out to have Marmite back.
    But also the MSM reporting “Marmite shock – it tastes different. Consumers outraged” That should fill a couple of front pages for Granny H

  • Greg

    ‘Promite’ taste almost the same as Marmite, we haven’t missed the latter and may not change back!

  • Bunswalla

    Sanitarium are bullies with the way they’ve behaved towards legitimate parallel importers of (by all accounts) superior product to the muck they peddle. I can’t comment on their product because I prefer not to eat something that looks and smells like boiled shite, but I deplore their cynical bullying of legitimate businesses.

    PS I hope a Council jobsworth with a clipboard refuses to grant approval on the grounds of their anti-competitive practices.

    • I think you will find that the stories shopped to the media of these so-called “parallel” importers are not the whole story…especially the guy in Christchurch who is busily supplying many, many businesses rather than just the poor single shop Pom he made out he was.

      • you really do need to get your facts straight before you start saying such things

        • Travis Poulson

          Enlighten us then.

          • ok I’ll enlighten you:we have made no secret of the fact that we supply a few other British shops and have in no way been dishonest.

          • Travis Poulson

            Saying that in your initial comment would have served a better purpose, rather than someone having to ask to back up what you’re saying.

          • well it was in reply to the comment above especially the guy in Christchurch who is busily supplying many, many
            businesses rather than just the poor single shop Pom he made out he was which is so not the facts

          • and I’m still waiting for the proof that we have lied to the media…..

  • Naylor

    Looks like a hornet nest has been whacked here with Whingingbottom fronting the anti Sanitarium hate campaign. I agree with the comment here that if she doesn’t like it here then she should go back to the UK. I’m sure they’ll be happy to have her back.

  • Hazards001

    OMG…you can’t buy Marmite? Really?…that’s right I don’t give a shit I prefer the Aussie crap to the god botherers crap and my kids will only eat bloody nutella which I refuse to buy because I did once and licked my fingers while I was making their sandwiches..nearly puked! Never have I seen so much vitriol over such a mind numbingly boring product.