McCready given his beans in court

Graham230Remember Graham McCready, the serial litigator and tax fraudster under charges of blackmail who decided to mount a private prosecution over John Banks regarding his election spending?

Turns out that McCready was given his beans in court the other day for his nuisance jihad. He withdrew all his litigation against Banks because of the apparently incomprehensible and nonsensical nature of his application (a nullity). Turns out the judge doesn’t like suffering fools gladly.

It may well be that McCready, being a serial litigator, will re-write his private prosecution and have another go. But it’s unlikely that he’ll be received any more warmly by the judge. By then, he may well even be in jail, if convicted for his blackmail charges.

I can’t imagine a sentencing judge will be lenient with an already convicted tax fraudster who engages in petty and incomprehensible nuisance behaviour with the court system.

His neighbours will be delighted for the respite should McCready be sent away. They apparently call him “Satan”