Michael Moore is a hypocritical bludging ratbag

Michael Moore is a corporate bludging hypocrite and windbag:

Filmmaker Michael Moore received $841,145 in tax incentives from the State of Michigan to make Capitalism: A Love Story, a documentary against corporate welfare, the New York Times reports.


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  • Travis Poulson

    I’m pretty sure this title has been the victim of a spelling error. Here, I’ll fix it:


    Moore is nothing more than a left wing mouthpiece of an arsehole which Barton Madbury is *trying his arse off* to be the NZ incarnation of. A conspiracy theorist nutjob. The guy is practically shitting socialism, and out of a touch of irony identifies as Roman Catholic.

    He is one devious tub of lard, becoming a member of the National Rifle Association, in a failed attempt to become the NRA’s president and destroy it from the inside. His uncle was a founder of a union, sounds like the whole family is fucked.

    • Orange

      Grats on mod!

  • thor42

    Sheesh…. what a shameless scumbag!

  • peterwn

    You might cop it for misleading headlines (just kidding)

  • Andy

    The comments on the source article are quite entertaining. e.g

    “What makes us liberal is distinctly our ability to disagree with each other and our icons without it being considered heresy”

    Yeah really guys. Let’s talk about “climate change” for example

    if we could bottle left-wing sanctimony and use it as a fuel source we would be set for generations

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Fat, sanctimonious, pontificating, arrogant, hypocritical, thieving, sneaky, smelly socialist cunt. That is all.

  • If you watch his films, he always attacks a straw man. That film in fact illuminates all that is wrong with the current system – a system more mild in stealing from the productive than that which he wishes – which is best described as crony-socialism. I enjoyed it for that reason – it’s so shallow & stupid that it works in Capitalism’s favour.

  • nigel201065

    Isn’t this shit head the same man who shifted his post production and editing over to Mexico so he didn’t have to pay union rates in USA which gave him a couple of hundred thou more profit

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Yip, the worker-friendly, doing good for all and self-sacrificing socialist that he is.

      Always watch out for the fat socialists, they are the ones drinking cow’s blood when all the good workers are starving after 18 hours breaking rocks up.