Must have stopped making people laugh

“The Comedian” has failed in his appeal against his sentence. Clearly the Appeal Court doesn’t think he makes people laugh anymore:

A prominent comedian convicted of performing a sex act on his four-year-old daughter has finally been ordered to start serving his sentence 22 months after admitting the offence.

The man, who has permanent name suppression, pleaded guilty in March 2011 to performing an indecent act on his daughter and was initially discharged without conviction.

Auckland District Court Judge Philippa Cunningham, who discharged him, said he was a talented New Zealander and the consequences of a conviction outweighed his offending.

The Crown took the rare step of going to the High Court for a judicial review, arguing that discharging the man was not appropriate. The High Court ordered the District Court to resentence him.

In July this year Judge Mark Perkins sentenced the man to eight months home detention, telling him “it is clear this was grave offending”.

The Auckland comedian then appealed that sentence.

He argued he should?have again been discharged without conviction because of the impact on his career – or at least been given a less restrictive community-based sentence.

Today a full bench of the Court of Appeal rejected his argument and told him to report to Auckland Central Police Station in January “to make arrangements to begin serving his sentence”.

The justices told the comedian his “offending was serious and requires both denunciation and accountability”.

Referring to the comedian by the letter Z, they said: “We do not see how it can sensibly be said that this offending is not of a high level of gravity.?It is apparent from the material?before us that the offending initially had a significant impact on the victim and her mother, although it was clear by the time of Judge Perkins’ re-sentencing that Z had managed to re-establish a successful relationship with his daughter and had a working relationship with her mother.