Nats Slap Down Union Rort

Good to see Steven Joyce making the necessary moves to thwart union cartels planted deep within Government departments.

It?s no wonder Comrade Kate was so upset at losing her union friendly Department of Labour?as it was subsumed by Joyce?s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.? Joyce, like Finlayson doesn?t like unions either.

MoBIE recently issued new Principles of Government Procurement after Cabinet signed this off in October. Joyce wants to see competition and procurement opportunities that?treat all suppliers equally.


This is great news for Kiwi companies who up until October 2012 had been forced to join the BSC cartel if they wanted to tender for government contracts.

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo?should now see an exodus of members who have been forced to pony up the $20,000 annual membership fee just to get a look in.

The Owl is watching closely, especially about what happens to the $1.8 million and growing cash reserve?

What?s the bet the SFWU will be making calls to the BSC to make sure the secret Labour party donation/slush fund is secure.

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo?also needs to come clean on why the BSC unilaterally changed the rules on their audit processes, in order to no longer require proper audits. Something smells whiffy.