No Pressure At Christmas

This survey tells it like it is as does this bloke

‘A nice pair Christian Louboutins will get you a lot more Brownie points that a few pictures you have stuck together in an album.’

Koh, who is dating a 21-year-old Oxford University student he met on sugar daddy sating site, plans to whisk his new lover away on a Christmas break.



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  • Mediaan

    Better and more seasonally appropriate: offer to enter their habitat and remove 1m2 of randomly chosen goods permanently. Sell from car boot in street sale. Give money to charity.

    • Vlad

      My lovely wife has ordered an ipad retina for me (she doesn’t know I know). I think I’ll buy her an espresso coffee machine hahahahah

  • cows4me

    top 5 for men

    a season football ticket-to far to go

    an Ipad -what do you do with an Ipad?do you rest your eyes on it

    a rolex watch-Why? first hint of light get up, light dims, go to bed.

    a paul smith suit- don’t even have a clue what a paul smith suit is, is he related to errol smith?. errol is a good guy so paul can’t be to bad.

    sky sports subscription-get enough shit in the mail already.

  • cows4me

    Top 5 for women
    missus doesn’t need shoes or leather boots, redbands better in shed.
    birkin bag, is it insulated and approximately how tinnies can you get in it, could be a goer.
    burberry coat, no shes got a shed apron.
    graff jewellery, don’t like the sound of that one. Is it shinny, or does it glitter in sun? missus has magpie genes, likes shinny things, best to say away from that sort of stuff.

  • greatscott

    So clearly I’m going for the wrong women

  • Hmm none of the things mentioned for women appeal to me at all. After years of painstakingly telling WO exactly what I want and him then geeting me something else ( yes I know… eye roll ) I have hit upon the perfect scheme. i go out and buy what I want and then wrap it and put it under the tree. I sign it, ‘ to Mum love from the kids ‘ and then unwrap it. This year my gorgeous children have bought me a Kindle Paperwhite plus a red leather hard case to put it in. I can’t wait for Christmas so am already using it. I will wrap it up the night before and act suprised in the morning LOL

    • He must be going soft allowing non-Apple products part the property boundary.

  • GregM

    Could someone from the more deadly of the species please do a list of what girly’s like for Christmas? I seem to fuck it up every time and am about to give up to avoid more time in the dog box.
    This would be an admirable public service for us blokes, and if I get my arse kicked any further i fear I will fold inside out and end up looking like a red back spider.

    Please help!

  • Travis Poulson

    I might get my Mrs a burqa, and she’s watching me as I type this, how’s that for ballsy.

    • cows4me

      “ballsy”, sounds more like insane stupidity to me, hope your insurances are all paid up.