No surprises, Aussie DJs will not face charges

The Aussie DJs that munters around the world blamed for the suicide of nurse with mental health issues will not be prosecuted.

The two Australian DJs whose hoax phone call has been blamed for the death of a nurse at a hospital which treated Kate Middleton for morning sickness are unlikely to face any charges.

Police in Sydney have revealed that no request has been received from Scotland Yard detectives to interview radio presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

The 2Day FM radio hosts duped Jacintha Saldanha and another nurse at the King Edward VII Hospital in London into revealing private medical details about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Just days after Ms Saldanha transferred the call, she was found hanged.

It was originally thought the two hosts could face prosecution but yesterday Sydney police said no request had been made by detectives in the UK suggesting no further action would be taken.

New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said yesterday: ‘Nor do we expect there to be any requests.’

Mr Kaldas said Scotland Yard had not asked for any further information or to interview the two Sydney-based hosts.


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  • Richard McGrath

    There are plenty of ways to punish the two vermin and their employer. Organise a boycott of their radio station. Publish all publicly available information on the two lowlifes and the radio station shareholders and board of directors including home addresses, and the like. Picket their headquarters. Follow them home. Ring them every day with hoax calls. Which is all they deserve IMHO.

    • Travis Poulson

      Come on Richard, we need to get past blaming them for the nurse killing herself. harassment won’t solve anything. Blame for suicide rests on nobody but the person concerned, we need to stop making excuses for selfish people looking for an easy way out. It’s always somebody elses fault isn’t it, that’s pinko policy right there Richard, You’ve left me a bit disappointed with that comment Richard, I expected a bit better from you.

    • cows4me

      I can’t understand your logic Richard, the poor woman had issues and had apparently tried to commit suicide twice before. It was unfortunate she was on duty, the mental state of the woman was not to be known by the callers. How many times do you say something in jest to someone who gets offended. This was just the worst case scenario, shit happens.

    • As a libertarian Richard I would have thought that you more than anyone would look at holding the only person responsible for her death, the woman herself, accountable as a matter of personal responsibility.

      Surely you are taking the piss…those are the words of an emotional liberal seeking to blame others for the actions of an individual.

    • Richard McGrath

      To answer the comments that followed mine, I was advocating totally legal private sanctions against the two DJs, and their employer, as a free market response to their fraudulent behavour. Government action is not required. I do believe they stepped over the line morally, because they obtained information to which they would not normally be privy, by deception,

      You are correct WO in stating that the nurse made her own decision re suicide. It’s tragic that she felt under that much pressure to only see one way forward.

  • Good, nor should they have been prosecuted for something they could not possibly have foreseen. What they *could* foresee, however, was how s**t their “prank” would have sounded if it had gone off as planned:
    DJs: *giggle* “Hello, can I please speak to my granddaughter Kate?” *giggle*
    Nurse: “Grow up, you halfwitted morons”
    DJs: *collapse into fits of laughter* “Ohmagawwwd we are soooo daring!”
    And that’s why they should be sacked. There are more talented young people broadcasting on stations across Australia at any given moment. Time they were given a go.

  • pukakidon

    I dont think they should have been prosecuted for their actions, they were both idiots. They are smart arses who prey on those who are are at the bottom of the food chain and who were just doing their jobs. I have no problems with them playing their stupid jokes on the management. But putting peoples jobs at risk by impersonating someone and then putting it on the radio was the work of arseholes.

    I wonder if they would like it if I played a joke that put their jobs at risk. Although the woman obviously had problems, let this be a lesson to those turd brained smart arse radio dickheads that prey on the weak. That there are consequences of taunting someone that you do not know. They will have to live by the results of their actions.

  • Patrick

    I am definitely no “legal eagle” but what exactly would the British Police be able to charge them with?
    I didn’t realise British jurisdiction reached all the way to Australia.