Norman Tebbit plays nasty

Norman Tebbit gets stuck into David Cameron over his support for marriage equality. After whining about rampant non-white immigration, the EU, and boundary changes;

The curse of unlimited, uncounted immigration has still not been lifted. London is no longer a predominately white British city. Two in every ten people in our country were not born here. Mr Cameron’s great speech defining his policy on our relationship with the EU is still not made. The boundary review to equalise the number of electors in each constituency has drifted away on the river of time. Energy policy seems to be decided in a series of political fights amongst Ministers.

He hooks into David Cameron;

All that, however, seems to be small beer beside Mr Cameron’s determination and haste to legislate for the end of marriage as we have known it for the last five or ten thousand years. No longer would it be a union of one man and one woman. Initially Mr Cameron would make it into a union of any two persons (with the exception of those barred by consanguinity I assume). I doubt if it would remain there. Why should not brothers, or sisters be prevented from “marrying”? Or a mother and daughter or father and son? Already in “liberal” circles in America the zoophilliacs are pressing their case for the legalisation of human sex with animals.

Just what is it that is so pressing about homosexual “marriage” that it takes precedence in the mind of Mr Cameron over Europe, immigration, airports or energy. We know that neither the Cabinet, the Conservative Party, nor the people are desperately anxious to for it. For my part I doubt if it wll be an election-winner.