Not Such A Good Day For Couch

Susan Couch has managed to squeeze just $300,000 from Corrections.

Susan Couch, the sole survivor of the RSA killings 11 years ago, has won a $300,000 settlement from the Corrections Department.

The announcement was made on Campbell Live tonight but both Ms Couch and her lawyer, Brian Henry, said they will fight on.

Mr Henry said the next target would ACC which had paid out almost nothing for Ms Couch’s injuries.

“It is just a closing of one chapter. We now need to get to the point where we can sue for compensation,” he said.
Ms Couch was never provided ACC compensation because she was working only part-time when she was attacked.

Brian Henry represented Couch.

Pretty simple really, he isn’t much chop as a representative.

If we have learned one thing this year is that when dealing with a government department there is only one representative worth having to arm twist, bully and use the media to your advantage – Michelle Boag.

Couch for sure is worth more assistance than David Bain and Bronwyn Pullar.


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  • Any update on the money that Winston Peters allegedly put into a trust for her?

    • Scanner

      He drank it

  • Phar Lap

    Stand by ,Winston will make a statement faster than he did with Mr Horan,when he dumped him without any beg your pardons.Mr Tui will agree.

  • Mrbadger

    FFS what a disgrace, send an invoice for half a mil to Bell’s whanau then deduct it from the next ridiculous hush money payout.

  • blazer

    Henry did work for nothing….those sort of lawyers are hard to find.

    • phronesis

      Good point, I wonder how much Boags cut was.

    • Mediaan

      If they are conscientious, energetic and informed. How long has Couch been ignored? How long has Henry “helped” her?

      NBR ran a telling 2008 interview with Henry. It showed his nimble fencing around the Owen Glenn-Winston Peters saga. He also represented Tuariki Delamere, immigration corruption matter, recall it?

      Okay. So this was in fulfillment of the fees?And you invoiced Winston?
      I have never invoiced Winston.
      Understand the point you’ve just got. Until I invoice Winston he has no debt.
      Do you understand that point? Which means he has nothing to declare because he has no obligation to pay a debt. And I can choose when I invoice, and I can choose to donate such of my time in the (unclear) as I wish and there’s nothing illegal about that at all.
      So when you’re say calling up Glenn, you’re asking him to fund you to help out Winston Peters?
      Essentially, that’s what the argument is. I’m not going into the exact details of the conversation but the answer is he knew he was paying the legal bill, contributing to the legal bill for the Tauranga electoral petition. And I’m the fella that did it.
      Except there’s no legal bill until you invoice?
      That’s right. And I’m entitled to take money on account of costs, I’m a barrister.
      Right. I get what you mean. This is the timing thing I’m struggling with. There’s no debt…
      No debt until an invoice is rendered to Mr Peters and Mr Peters needs to declare…

      • blazer

        lets hope it doesn’t work that way for this poor woman.Lawyers…you never know.

  • Scanner

    If inside their mandate ACC WILL payout any monies you are entitled to by law, don’t beat on ACC for not paying out, beat up on politicians if you want a target, they made the rules.

  • Jimbob

    Easy. Execute Bell, pay Couch the $90k per annum it costs to keep him in maximum security for the next 20 years. Never a clearer example of the need for capital punishment, who amongst us wouldn’t pull the trigger?

    • phronesis


    • Mediaan

      Maybe we could sell the body parts to part-defray costs.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    I wonder if the family of Christie Marceau will consider similar action against the Ministry of Justice for the repugnant, limp actions of their judge which resulted in her death? they would certainly get my support. It seems a financial flogging is the only language these agencies seem to understand.

  • jaundiced

    What must irk is the sanctimonous and patronising tone of Ray Smith – ‘and I said let’s talk about how we can get beyond this’ and ‘I went away and had a think about it’ and ‘I put an offer on the table’ and ‘I this and I that’. And still no acknowledgement of responsibility or apology.

  • Hamilton Lad

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it is our $300k that Mr White handed over. Was that in his job brief? How is it possible for a CEO of an arm of the state be able to allocate funds in such a manner. Isn’t that ultra vires?
    And, he looks good while spending our money. Hmmm ….

  • Mediaan

    Good point you make WO comparing Bain and Pullar with this hard-working woman. Couch should have access to comfort for life, the least we can do. Well done to Tolley’s Corrections for acting decently on it at last.

    Corrections fight low and dirty. They have been mixing with the criminal underclass too long. So do their lawyers.

    One of their little techniques is: put in a staff senior person, responsible for the matter, to assure people verbally they will get absolute respect for their requested limits, plus 70 virgins and a diamond pathway to heaven. Get the signatures and permissions rock solid. Then “vanish” the staff member/s. He/she/they have never been heard of by anyone now at Corrections. Nobody knows anything about them or the promises.