Obviously Trevor missed out

It looks like Trevor Mallard missed out on the contract to provide the Liberal party with social media advice for the coming Australian election:

LIBERAL PARTY candidates have been gagged before next year’s federal election, with Coalition backbench MPs under pressure to close their Twitter and other social media accounts.

In an opposition bid to limit ”stuff-ups and scandals”, Fairfax Media has learnt of a directive from the head office of the federal Liberal Party to preselected candidates that ”strongly advises” against using Twitter, and tweeting on behalf of the Liberal Party is ”not encouraged”.

Several Liberal backbenchers have confirmed the strict measure, which was decided at the start of last month, with one MP saying the party was sending a clear message ”that depending on your seniority, use a great deal of caution when tweeting, and it is preferred that most MPs closed our social media accounts”.

”It is a way to limit the stuff-up and scandals obviously but it seems a little draconian to me,” the MP said. ”I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is a free speech issue but if I was pushed to close my account outright, then you would hear from me loud and clear. On Twitter and elsewhere.”

Another MP said the decision was ”outrageous” and a ”result of a bunch of nervous nellies in the head office who think we aren’t capable of running our own offices without falling over our own feet”.