Outage Outrage

Sorry really isn’t the hardest word if it’s the only thing left to say.

Fresh from a 7 hour Telecom Broadband outage earlier in the day, Chris Quin, CEO of Telecom NZ (Retail) is forced to make another “aw shucks” social media appearance at half past ?midnight after another 2.5 hour debacle.

Most of us are pretty forgiving, even when a major part of the nation’s infrastructure goes on the blink. ?But the third problem in two weeks, and twice the same day, ?is starting to get the unpleasant smell of the farcical XT Launch.

It is time Telecom stop “sincerely apologising” and start explaining what is going on, and what is being done to prevent it from happening again.

Like ports, roads and other critical infrastructure, telecommunication services have a direct effect on our ability to function as a nation, and repeated problems have real consequences on individuals and companies’ bottom lines.

The XT fiasco claimed the scalp of Frank Mount. ?It can’t be too many more Broadband outages before another Telecom employee will need to jump before they are pushed.

UPDATE: ?Since this post was queued for publication, there have been at least two more outages. ?One at 3am, and one around 8am today.

Someone better spend the day fluffing up their CV.