Penn Jillette and three morons on gun control

A reader emails:

In relation to your posts on gun control in the USA,?thought your readers might be interested in this clip:

Penn Jillette on a panel talk show with 3 womens. Penn is the voice of?logic and reason regarding gun control but is on his own against 3?clucking hens wanting to ban or blame everything but the shooter. I?did some googling on one of the points Penn makes – in 2005 there were?810 accidental drownings in the USA in 0-14 year olds, in the same?year there were 305 firearm deaths (both accidental and homicide) in?the same age bracket. Source?

I have no problem with media?attention on the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but when will the media lead?the charge on amending swimming pool fencing regulations, like they?are now doing with gun control?