People are Stupid, Ctd

Stepping off the back of the boat when taking a drunken slash proves fatal:

A boatie was unable to pull his drunken friend to safety after he fell overboard while urinating over the side of the launch they were on in the Marlborough Sounds.

Coroner Carla na Nagara today released her findings into the death of Patrick Gerald Rosson, who died after falling from local man Gordon Hanna’s 7-metre launch on August 27 last year.

Mr Rosson, from Porirua, was sailing around Queen Charlotte Sound and visiting friends with Mr Hanna.

In the mid-afternoon they reached Furneaux Lodge, where they drank several beers, before visiting a friend of Mr Hanna’s and drinking two more.

At 5.30pm they started to make the 90-minute trip back to Mr Hanna’s house at Dryden Bay to watch a rugby test.

Mr Rosson slept in the cabin for the return trip, emerging about 7pm to go the toilet.

“He seemed fine to Mr Hanna, and as he headed out of the cabin to urinate over the side Mr Hanna warned him to be careful; Mr Rosson said he’d be right,” Coroner na Nagara found.

But Mr Hanna felt the boat shift and went outside to see what happened.

Mr Rosson was not on the boat so Mr Hanna turned it around. He saw Mr Rosson in the water with his hand raised and threw a rope to him, but missed.

By the time he turned around the boat again to attempt to reach him for the second time, Mr Rosson was face down in the water and unresponsive.

“Mr Hanna was able to grab his friend, but could not lift him on the boat. He secured him with rope so he would not be lost and radioed for help,” Coroner na Nagara said.

Great tied a rope to his dead mate…nice one.


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  • amerikiwi77

    Why wouldn’t you tie a rope to your “chum” bait when fishing?

    • blazer

      well he was quite burley!

    • Mediaan

      Fishing? They were boozing. Boozing is a very dangerous activity. What annoys me is that these men would get ACC financial support if anything happened. Whereas a baby injured by medical error or pharmaceutical nastiness would not.

      Morons. A 7m boat should also have flotation devices, for throwing, roped to deck fittings.

  • maninblack

    i dont see why he had to turn in around? just got super super slow, and stop beside him. Its only a 7m boat..

    • Petal

      I think it’s code for him being pissed as a fart also. Any boatie that can’t stop a boat that small within a few meters of a person in the water isn’t in full control.

      • RockyFist

        Both you and Maninblack are obviously not sailors as it is not that easy to stop within a few meters of someone in the water even in a launch. That is why 1) you are suppose to wear life-jackets and 2) you throw them a life-saver to hang onto. Also not mentioned in the story was the weather conditions. How much wind and how much chop or current was present?

  • Gazzaw

    Booze & boats don’t make for a good mix. Stupid is……………

  • John1234

    “Great tied a rope to his dead mate…nice one.” … What the hell would you do – let him drift away and sink to the bottom?

  • Neil

    I’ve given up posting to TVNZ and TV3 asking why they’re still accepting fishing shows with nobody wearing life jackets. The last advert I saw had Colin Meads doing the old man up and wear one thing which obviously went over the head of these type of bozzos. Try setting an example for the less intelligent out there people….

    • Hazards001

      Oh really? Typical lefty. Quite frankly Neil I’m a firm supporter of The Darwin Awards. I’m tired of the media telling people how to live their lives. I have a bloody great TV that is seldom if ever turned on due to the amount of nanny state advertising and the bullshit shows that are on it. I agree with the Colin Meads Ad as i do with messages regarding seat belts drink driving etc(I wear my life jacket and seat belt as do my kids and if i want a drink and I’m not at home the car certainly is) but I do NOT agree that everyone on TV or in the public eye has a responsibility to what was it…” Try setting an example for the less intelligent out there people….” To be honest if the so called less intelligent people out there want to get pissed and drown themselves I fail to see how that makes the world a lesser place!