People Are Stupid, Ctd

The Herald:

Looks like a trend is beginning to appear: South Island, alcohol and dickheads.

?”A drunk driver who crashed his car while eating a plate of pork chops has been sentenced to community service.

While police argued that Westport man Robert Pomare, 37, was eating ribs when he crashed on November 7, Pomare told Westport District Court it was actually a plate of chops.

Police prosecutor Steven Greer said Pomare had been drinking at the Black and White Hotel before driving to a local restaurant and picking up a plate of pork ribs. As he was eating his ribs, he failed to give way to a vehicle driven by a pregnant woman and hit it.”

But here comes the winning line from his lawyer:

“Defence lawyer Mark Dollimore said Pomare had accepted the description of events but said he’d been eating pork chops rather than ribs.

He stayed put after the accident, apologised, checked to see if everybody was all right and waited for police.

He had already been fined $150 for failing to give way.

Judge Rob Murfitt noted Pomare had three previous convictions for drink-driving.

He sentenced him to 200 hours’ community work, nine month’s supervision and suspended his licence for a year and a day.”

Pork ribs, pork chops, whatever. At least he wasn’t eating sausage behind the wheel.