People are Stupid, Ctd

I can’t believe this case even made the ERA…but there you go, people are stupid:

A man who drank three bottles of wine before a meeting to discuss his employment future has lost a bid to win his job back.

Thomas Jude Waigth Chamberlain is still pursuing his unfair dismissal case after he was sacked by IT company Neocom but his attempt for interim reinstatement has been rejected by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

Mr Chamberlain was “angry and confrontational” during the meeting about his job future and he “used offensive language and threatened to harm Neocom” and the director Paul Hughes.

The ERA heard Mr Chamberlain had become anxious about whether he had a future with Neocom when it started negotiations with a prospective buyer in September.

His stress led to him taking a day off on October 9 and he called the meeting with Mr Hughes that day.

Mr Chamberlain said he drank “at least” three bottles of wine before the meeting, during which he made derogatory statements about Mr Hughes and the wife of a prospective purchaser who was also present.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.