People are Stupid, Ctd

Stuff reports that a man in Christchurch gate crashed a funeral and demanded the deceased “wake up”

Mourners who had gathered at the John Rhind Chapel in Richmond on Wednesday to farewell Harold Ritchie, 90, were?shocked when a man began thumping on the coffin and called for the deceased to “wake up”.

The man reportedly contacted family members of the deceased last night saying he could “raise the body”. Police said he threatened to bring a digger to the cemetery to dig up the casket.

Here’s the fun bit

Law Society Canterbury-Westland branch president Allister Davis said?police would be “hard-pressed” to charge the man with disorderly or offensive behaviour.

“When you put the death notice in it’s an invitation to the world. If you know or don’t know [the deceased or family], all can come along,” he said.

”Unless you specify it’s private, I can’t think of any offence anyone could be charged with.”