Piers Mortally Wounded in Jesse Ventura Shootout

Once again Piers Morgan wades in neck deep into a debate he is ill equipped for against an opponent far superior to him in the debate concerning gun control in the United States. In a recent debate with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Morgan starts sinking deeper over his head debating the place of the Second Amendment in the US constitution. But credit where credit is due: he at least maintained his integrity in this debate, but that doesn’t change the fact that gun control does not work and the best policy is education and common sense:


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  • The man is an amateur. He comes poorly prepared, thinks he can just wing it, and when he’s down the only thing he has left is to go personal.

    CNN must be pretty cynical to keep him on. Ratings at any cost?

    • Travis Poulson

      he doesn’t seem to throw too many insults when sitting across the table of a former Governor and wrestler, pity he couldn’t extend the same courtesy down the camera to Larry Pratt.

      • Tony

        and ex-SEAL

        • Travis Poulson

          Indeed. And former member of the Mongols bikie gang.

  • I still have my “Jesse for Governor” t-shirt… doesn’t fit it so well nowadays though. Those were the days… a great common sense politician who was committed to giving power back to the people, who found his perfect match in Minnesota, a state which had already started to use the internet to open politics to its citizens long before blogs were heard of.

    • Travis Poulson

      Top bloke IMO.

  • Honcho

    Sat quiet for long enough, he is a toxic englishman, if he doesnt like a constituitionally entrenched part of american culture, a constituitionally protected right, he clearly doesnt like america at all.
    If he despises the place so much, and takes it upon himself to try and use his media influence to change the very fabric of society to how he feels it should be based on his anglo upbringing, and brittish tabliod internship. Why doesnt he simply go back to the UK, go back to his former toxic career at such outlets as News of the world, the sun, the mirror, he would fit right back in, its his perfect fit, If I was a US citizen I would rightly want him deported. Granted he hasnt really done anything yet save for a string of terrible and embarrassing interviews (on his part). But what he is standing for sets a dangerous precident, its a slippery slope.
    If he wants freedom to be less free, a government that knows best, a nanny state with big brother keeping you safe, a place where its considered a national right to piss and moan despite how uneducated and illinformed your arguement may well be, why not head back to the UK?

  • Michael

    Called Piers “Morgan” Moron by Private Eye. Hard to disagree with that.

    • Travis Poulson

      At least this wasn’t as bad as his Larry Pratt interview, this was remarkably civil. He picks his targets and attacks them like a coward, anyone with a bit of stones he backs off on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s a sack of shit.