RMTU v. NZCTU – picking winners

Just to give a quick recap – the Owl only uses information freely available in the public domain. The Owl is also happy to congratulate unions who are good operators for their members.

I have always been impressed with the Rail and Transport Maritime Union accounts and they recently filed a great surplus, good re-investment policies and very clear and precise accounts. Well done and the members should be pleased with their executive.

The recent wrangling over the inter-islander negotiations is part of business we can generally accept and the Owl knows the recent settlement there was a certain amount of “huff and puff” but overall a settlement is a settlement which means both employer and employee are happy.

NZCTU President Helen Kelly made a public announcement on their website yesterday stating she was happy the Len Brown was going to get more involved the dispute and sort this so called “crazy POAL/MUNZ situation” out.

Owl’s Observation

I agree with Helen Kelly because the Rail and Maritime Transport Union are clearly impressed with the Ports of Tauranga model that they have invested $404,287.00 in Ports of Tauranga shares. The value of their shares increased in $82,828.00 in their last financial year.

That is a 20% return/increase for union members. Fantastic investment!

What does Helen Kelly do – asks RMT Union to divest and stand in solidarity with MUNZ or banish RMT union from the NZCTU?

Wonder how the next press conference is going to look like when asked why affiliated members of the NZCTU are happy to invest in the Ports of Tauranga model and yet argue against POAL vision?


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  • niggly

    Excellent post Owl & I like your ethics i.e. just pointing out the facts in an unbiased manner and using facts to point out double-standards!

  • Orange

    Can you comment on the PPTA accounts?

    • owl

      What do you want to know?

      • Orange

        Well, at the moment there are quite a lot of people uneasy with all the funding going to the central bureaucracy rather than the local branches themselves. I know this would be uneven due to the size of different schools, but if you have a school where the branch chairman is involved for hours every day trying to sort out issues but doesn’t get paid for his time, it seems a bit inequitable. So what is the staff size, pay rates, and work load accountability for the union?

        The second thing would be a general political breakdown on overall funding. I get an unending stream of emails all advertising rubbish. How much funding is spent on arguably irrelevant wider political topics than teaching? How much funding goes to irrelevant things like (if I made one up) special union scholarship to study how crystal colours promotes diversity.

        And finally, of course, are the accounts all up to date?

        • Neil

          Re you last comment – You can actually look yourself on the internet…

          • Orange

            Yea as per all the other unions, and like I know which ones are the full story and which are not…

  • Neil

    Great to see they’re also still banking at my bank – not one of the Aussie ones.