Rudman is back to banging on about theatres

Brian “Where’s my Theatre?” Rudman is nothing if not?persistent. He has been banging on again about theatres…or more precisely?liberal?elite rate payer funded theatres:

Last week Auckland Council took a giant step towards achieving the mayor’s goal of creating the world’s most liveable city, and I’m not talking CBD rail tunnels. What every liveable city needs is a world-class concert hall, and the scaffolding has just gone up in the ASB Theatre at the Aotea Centre so the acoustic experts can create just that.

I admit to being a bit of a hi-fi nut, and can’t help feeling that what’s going on in the ASB Theatre is a bit like me going out and buying fancy new speakers and an esoteric valve amplifier, all in one great shopping trip. With one exception. The overall cost of around $12 million is a tad more than my credit card could cope with. Still, I’m getting the buzz for free.

Twelve?f*cking million dollars of ratepayers cash on f*cking acoustics! For liberal elite wankers like Rudman to sit in luxury having their ears tickled by improved acoustics all the while ratepayers are having?their?wallets pinched by a spend-thrift council.

The only thing worse about this spending is reading Rudman jizzing in his pants over it.