Rudman on Waka Jumping

Brian Rudman has taken time out from his public campaign, using the Herald as his soapbox, for a theatre to discuss waka jumping:

Just why Prime Minister John Key is cuddling up to Winston Peters in his hour of embarrassment is hard to fathom – unless of course he’s softening him up as a potential coalition partner. But better fun surely just to sit back and enjoy the sight of another of the New Zealand First leader’s hand-picked acolytes going rogue.

Instead, he’s backing the reintroduction of the waka-jumping legislation, first passed in 2001 by the Labour Government and its Alliance allies in response to public disquiet about the level of “party-hopping” by MPs over the previous decade.

The Electoral (Integrity) Act forced “unethical” MPs who deserted their ship or fell out of favour with the party leadership to give up their seats.

Brian misses the point entirely.

Waka jumping isn?t about stopping ?unethical? MPs jumping ship ? it?s about making party leadership and bosses make ?unruly MPs? walk the plank.