Russell has a brain fade

We all do it this time of year. ?Best of the year. ?Worst of the year. ?But Russell Brown at his recipe blog has lost the plot with calling for The Word of the Year. ?And to make it really insane, The Word of the Decade.

This morning he tweets:


A press release? ?For a word?

I think he’s been at the mint sauce again. ?Neat.

No surprise that “Zip it, Sweetie” isn’t on the list.

“But WO”, you say, “that’s not a word, that’s a phrase”. ?”If you run a Word of the Whatever competition, why would you accept entries that are phrases?”


The word for 2012 as chosen by Public Address readers?


Oh, the irony… ?on a number of levels

(Psssst, Russell, brain fade is two words!)