Ryder wins, beats himself

According to the NZ Herald, Wellington, ably assisted by an in form Jesse Ryder, won…playing with themselves.

I thought there was always a winner when playing with oneself.



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  • Travis Poulson

    Oh for fucks sake, did they leave a chimp in charge while everyone goes on xmas hols? or just chimps writing the stories.

  • sheppy

    Thought it was just business as usual albeit with a few more spelling mistakes. Perhaps the guys who normally write the press releases that are printed word for word have gone to the batch & left the office junior in charge

  • Michael Brown will be red faced.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Jokers have not fixed it yet. Could be some Labour MP type setting the stories I think…..

  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that is the subby who probably left out some of Michael’s words in an attempt to fit the story to the space available. Bloody subbies…..Long time since I followed/understood cricket. But how does one get bowled when walking across the stumps??? (last sentence in the clip above)

    • Hagues

      It means you took a stance on the leg stump and as the bowler delivered you walked across to the off stump (walking across from one side of the stumps to the other) but missed the ball and got bowled.

  • Rodney

    You’re certainly concentrating on the things that matter. Hypocrite.

    • Hazards001

      Listen carefully so I can explain it. The typo’s misprints and general piss poor editorial efforts by themselves are meaningless.

      HOWEVER when placed in the context of balance and fairness the MSM does itself little credit and The Herald leads the way. When people stop criticising piss poor performance of the media and simply accept everything on face value then eventually we will be over run by a generation of mental midgets that believe all the crap they are spoon fed today. (Pravda Mein Kampf and The Standard are not to everyones taste despite what you want) To be honest it’s all too frustrating listening to and reading the crap that left dominated media spread these days. You keep banging on ya hypocrite drum though..clearly we disturb you a little..long may it last!