Saturday General Debate

Justice Binnie - via

Justice Binnie – via

David Shearer wasn’t going to take it anymore! ?No more photo ops!! ?So he did a Stunt in a Stadium. ?Where has he been since? ?Must be quite tiring, being angry.

Brendan Horan had a great week. ?He’s positively?buoyant?with all the attention he’s getting. ?No such thing as bad publicity eh Brendan?

Are well all done with Binnie? ?Or do you think he’s been harshly dealt to? ?One thing’s for sure – Give Bain Nothing.

Any of the topics above, or bring your own today, in Saturday’s General Debate.

UPDATE (just for morris). ?This post was queued last night, so it really needs to be updated to say:

Of course, the USA School shooting and the FOTD picture today (that most of you won’t have seen – but involved children holding guns), has created the sort of controversy you might like to get out of your system in the General Debate today!