Scum Union Bullies

In Michigan yesterday unions violence spilled over as they opposed Michigan’s Right to Work legislation. Right to Work allows people to work without being forced to join a union.

The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to contentious “right-to-work” legislation, in the face of raucous protests in the capital and stern warnings from Democratic lawmakers.

“There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss, speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, warned ahead of the votes.

The final votes on the House side Tuesday deliver a blow to the labor movement in the heart of the U.S. auto industry. The measures ban unions from demanding dues from workers.

One bill dealt with public sector workers, the other with government employees. Both measures cleared the Senate last week, and were signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday afternoon.

Coinciding with the votes were massive and noisy protests both inside and outside the Capitol from pro-union demonstrators. Thousands descended upon downtown Lansing to rally against the legislation that prohibits requiring nonunion employees to financially support unions at their workplace.

Earlier in the day, two state school districts closed after hundreds of teachers called out, presumably to join the protests.

The union perpetrated violence escalated and resulted in an assault on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder and a threat to kill him with a gun. Watch the union thugs attack:

Huffington Post covers the attack by these union thugs and bully boys:

Writer and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder aired video of his violent physical confrontation with opponents of?Michigan’s right-to-work legislation, who gathered in Lansing to protest the bills’ passage through the House.

Crowder argued with protesters who began to tear down a tent pitched on the Capitol lawn by the pro-right-to-work group Americans For Prosperity. According to MLive, Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said they were contacted because several people, including two in wheelchairs, were?trapped under the tent.

He was then punched repeatedly in the face by a protester, while another man speaking off-camera threatened to kill Crowder with a gun. Crowder said there was no police presence in the area during the altercation.

There is a slight problem though for the coward who sucker punched Crowder…Crowder has said that he will lay charges UNLESS the attacker meets him in a sanctioned MMA fight. Crowder holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which means he has at least 3-4 years experience and pretty good technical proficiency in submission grappling. He’s won a bunch of grappling competitions and is a decently strong guy…simply put, he can put a hurting on 99% of men.