Shut Up Whitey Says “Your Majesty”

Maui Street has a good post on the Maori “King”

Another cause for worry is the King’s cartel of advisors. The King maintains a large office, in comparison to his mother at least, including Rangi Wallace whoadmitted to beating his step-daughter and her mother, Helen Kotua. Further to that, Wallace also owed $250,000 to IRD in 2011 and Kotua owed Baycorp over $3000. Kotua, I should mention, is the author of the protocols above.

Seems the new “King” is a bit of a dick

Guests are also encouraged to refer to Tuheitia as “your majesty”. Odd. I find it strange that royal protocols exist at all – Te Atairangikaahu did not keep a protocol guide. Hell, when she travelled the country she would stay at the homes of her friends and whanau. No hotels and chauffeurs, thank you very much. After all, the Kingitanga isn’t about reverance and mana does not extend to those people with less having to act towards you with veneration.

The “King” has remarkable similarities to David Shearer.  He doesn’t like uppity whitey bloggers either.  Truth columnist Chris Trotter as upset both of them in past weeks.

Their deliberate attempts to twist and misrepresent my words, and their use of false names and anonymous websites to hurl abuse at me, my family, my staff and anyone who disagrees with them is clearly a sign of how badly things have broken down and are in need of repair.

Now we have Pakeha commentators weighing in, once again, on what is, I say respectfully, none of their business. On this topic, I suggest that those who would venture an opinion and attempt to draw on Pakeha history for what is happening in Tainui are writing in ignorance. Their time would be better spent inquiring into why our Teachers have not been paid – of great concern given the commitment of many Maaori teachers to their profession and their communities.

Respectfully, the Chief Maori Grand Poobah should focus on appalling child abuse and education failure among Maori and look at his own troughing before trying to silence his critics, Pakeha and Maori.

He’s not even a proper King.



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  • tarkwin

    He’s living the Maori equivalent of the American dream. Where else could a truck driver become king? The bloke is a complete buffoon.

    • Mediaan

      Disagree. He’s doing fine, in a difficult tribe-politics situation. He has more legitimacy than any other North Island Maori figure is likely to have.

      Watch out, because foreign interests will have their eyes on Maori power. They will have Maori-king-alternatives standing ready.

      We are better off with the current king.

      He is from a socially responsible and yet ordinary (yes, they would quietly and conscientiously do a job like truck driver) family, the Paki family. His mother, the former Queen Dame TeAtaIRangiKaahu, a Mahuta, was a sweet, modest, dignified woman of exceptional grace. She exuded a kind of movie-star charisma. (I struggle to express how impressive she was.) But she dressed simply, hardly spoke, and showed modesty in everything. She relied a lot on others like the tall quiet husband standing with military straightness at her side.

      • Mostly_Harmless

        Some good points there – having been a truck driver (i.e. having a “real job”) should be seen as a plus, not a minus.

      • tarkwin

        I think you may be confusing so called Maori royalty with an episode of the Waltons – nothing else could explain this.

      • Lion_ess

        “she exuded a kind of movie-star charisma”. Really? Like who? Surely this is a put-down.
        I would like to understand what leadership the Maori King provides? I do not disagree that Queen Dame TeAtalRangiKaahu was rather inspiring in her apparent dedicated selflessness, but what purpose does this role serve in New Zealand today? Queen/King – of what?

        • Mediaan

          My attempt to express something, not a put-down.

          Those who want to criticise the Maori-in-leading-role push by some political interests are starting in the wrong place, if they start with Dame Te Ata and her family, I believe.

          I am no expert. All I have done is read a bit of history, watched what was going on up there for some years from an outsider’s viewpoint, and seen furtive scurrying politicians like Cullen doing this and that.

          But. As far as I know, the three generations of the Mahuta family never claimed a wider role than the old-established Maori king movement did in the 1800s.

          The original “King” movement got called that because they used the example of Queen Victoria to explain the idea to marae of the local tribes in South Waikato and the King Country (area round Taumarunui and Te Kuiti).

          • Lion_ess

            Why would maori need to refer to Queen Victoria?
            Have you attended any Maori Hui?
            Should you wish to comment with any credibility; my experience is that it is a clusterfuck of nobodies banging their (carved) walking sticks on the floor and agreeing with whoever is at the front. Tell me I’m wrong I look forward to it.

          • Mediaan

            I have spent more wasted hours trapped in some room with meandering empty Maori speeches and boring prayers than I like to remember.

            The key events, look carefully and you will often see the sly white political organisers on the side. I have made loud noises about Labour biggies bribing with tax dollars for votes, like Cullen in 2008 just before an election. And none of the national newspapers covering it. And the RMA needing work so it wasn’t so easy to buy the Maori approval from them for any big scheme (etc).

            But the blog we started with, by Morgan Somebody on Maui Street, criticising Tuheitia, is part of the push to use Maori for outsiders’ own gain, including replace Tuheitia, as far as I can judge.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Somebody said follow the money. Good question who is funding the maori monarchy in new Zealand. Odds on it is not Maoridom. So that only leaves the white mother fuckers. Does anybody Know or is it a state secret.

      • Mediaan

        We are funding it, of course. Taxpayer Ted and Mrs Ted.

        Usurpers and grabbers never pay for anything themselves. They figure out how to thieve it, who to blame for it, and how to cover it up until it is a fait accompli. If any of the thieving is noticed, we will also be the population who provide the selected mug/victim/criminal who goes to prison for it.

        Who plans to benefit, that is the question. Cui bono? And what are the early signs of it happening?

  • Scanner

    What a fucking joke, this dumb thick fucks biggest mistake is letting dickheads like Tuku blow smoke up his arse.
    Follow the money Bro, time this freak show saw sunlight, and lots of it, soon,

  • Dave

    He has seen an opportunity and seized it for all it is worth. Uneducated, uncouth brown moron who is needs to be dumped. He is no different from the tens of thousands of brown people who see WINZ as an opportunity/lifestyle.

    Zero leadership or role model, if he stays and continues Maoridom is more screwed than ever. Real leadership would be planning and implementing strategies for the betterment of their people, education, financial literacy, parenting, Working and work skills. There are many many decent and prosperous law abiding Maori, what will Kingi do about the rest, perhaps he can teach them to smoke and drive trucks.

    Go Chris Trotter.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Agree with Dave. Perhaps “the King” is getting his leadership advice from the likes of Asaad in Syria or from Egyptian Presidents handing down decree’s for his subjects to blindly follow.

      Real leadership isn’t about asserting titles and decrees – it’s about actions speaking louder than words. Timely actions that should pour scorn and derision on wife/woman beaters, child murderers and whanau that allow / condone young adults to leave school who can barely read or write.

      If the King wants respect – the King needs to demonstrate his moral and ethical leadership by denouncing these kind of destructive acts. Strip the offender of all mana… shame them into complying with social standards – then the King can talk about mana, honour, respect and how to have his surfants venerate him.

      It’s not rocket science – but the leadership can ONLY come from the top down…

      • Mediaan

        Oh, you people came as a bunch? Is there a street-racer meet in town, for after? Don’t scratch your SS lightning badges doing burn outs.

    • Mediaan

      Trailer Park nonsense.

      • Dave

        Actually Mediann if you pulled Yiur head in and read a bit about what I am suggesting and about what I stand for and support, you will find I am very pro people helping themselves, trying to improve their lot. In NZ our company employed over 100 people and I spent many hours each week counseling employees on how to plan and to improve their lives lives.

        • Mediaan

          Oh, a right little Henry Ford. I always think that style of management so arrogant. I wouldn’t dream of telling any employees how to run their lives. All they require from me is the job and the money, then go away thanks.

          This social action you want to discuss has very little relevance to the actual position of King. Dame Te Ata, the former Queen, was totally removed from politics. She never got involved. That management stuff, if any, she left to her brother.

  • David


  • Mickrodge

    Through the links I got onto the OAG report into the trougher to beat all troughers Rongo Wetere & his family. I loved this little gem,

    “In November 2003, Rongo Wetere received a complimentary upgrade by Air
    New Zealand from business to first class. He found it was much more
    relaxing than his previous experience of travel. On all his subsequent
    trips to the United States and Cuba, he and Ms Krawll traveled first

    Ahhhh, Te Whananga o Aoteoroa…now those were the days.

    • Dave

      Hope he paid FBT for Ms Krawll

    • Gazzaw

      Real banana republic stuff isn’t it? This presumably is what Maori sovereignty is all about. It’s not ‘His Majesty’s’ troughing that concerns me so much – that’s just frippery in relative terms to what is probably being tucked away by his streetsmart advisors and their hangers-on. Rongo is just an easily manipulated ‘face’.

  • Mrbadger

    This bloke is an oxymoron, no wait a minute, how about just moron.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    What a joke he is playing at Royalty, not like his mother.Who does he think he is with all these protocols.He has no more royal blood than me.He thinks he is maori monarch of NZ. Mr King dont think if we ever cross paths that you will get anymore respect from me than what Id give the local street cleaner who has a REAL JOB and not living in a fantasy world of dungeons and dragons.

  • steve and monique

    His mother must be turning in her grave.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    The Maori King movement was a response to settler land confiscation during the Land Wars.

    Sort of a hang together rather than separately response to European alienation of their lands. Mutual emnity between tribes prevented Maori from opposing European interests as a united front.

    The movement continues under the leadership of Tainui

  • GregM

    Genuine question, who pays for the King and staff etc, I have no idea.
    Could someone please enlighten me ?

    • Mediaan

      Dame Te Ata lived in a tiny brick square house like a state house, like anybody else on the marae. No staff as far as I know. Dressed like anyone else. Would have required zero funding, by the look of it.

      If Tuheitia has more ceremony, it would I imagine be funded by Tainui paying him a salary for work performed, out of the Tainui government settlement.

      Doug Graham, brother of Greenie Kennedy Graham, was the politician who got the settlement for them.

      They got cash, land and assets. A lot got squandered at first on cheating white “advisers” and rip offs, but now they have got investments and income.

      They have also learned to do well out of being very hesitant in approving development schemes under the RMA. One story from ten years ago in the SST refers to, I think, $1.5 million on “consultancy fees” to make sure a new prison met their standards. Plus a few lucrative ongoing jobs.

      • GregM

        Thanks Mediaan, that’s what I thought. Cheers.