Silly Little Girl, Ctd

Silly little girl, Jacinda Ardern, strolled down to the house yesterday to continue on with her “gotcha” against Paula Bennett. Where yesterday she got a slap, today she got the full body splash and ‘earthquake‘ from the minister.

As you can see the silly little girl got slammed…and scored an own goal on the way through:

At least 20 beneficiaries have received taxpayer money to travel to Australia after finding work there, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said in Parliament today.

Labour party social development spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern first raised the issue in Parliament yesterday when she asked the minister how many times the Transition to Work grant had been used by Work and Income to purchase tickets to Australia for job seekers who found work there.

Bennett confirmed in Parliament today that the grant had been used to purchase plane tickets to Australia six times in the last year and 16 times in 2007, the first year it came into effect, and a year when Labour was in government.

What is even more pathetic is Trevor Mallard had to pull his broken frame to his feet and try and rescue the silly little girl.

Cactus Kate was right when she blogged about this:

I do not know what sort of strategic genius advised that Jacinda Ardern highlight the possibility that Paula Bennett is in charge of a Ministry that exports beneficiaries to Australia, but it is dog whistle politics at its most awesome.  Perhaps Ardern thought of it all herself.

Isn’t she in favour of beneficiaries bettering themselves?  Why shouldn’t they get a grant to go over to Australia to make a new start?

Watch Bennett take the long handle yet again to Ardern and have her use up supplementary after supplementary as the National Party appeal to popular voter support.

And all under a grant that the Labour Party passed into law.

Up to $1,500 maximum a time for childcare and clothing, sending beneficiaries one way to Australia makes financial sense.

I’m not sure what Labour is trying to achieve here…most people would think that spending $1500 to export a bludger was a real bargain. Lindsay Mitchell wonders what Labour is on about too, she thinks Labour is trying to say to people they should stay on the dole.

An illogical sentiment abounds about keeping the unemployed domiciled here, as if they are worth more as potential employers than as an unemployed cost. Beyond the silliness of that, if someone can find work in Australia and be productive and satisfied, why hold them down on an unemployment benefit here? It makes no sense.

Another storm in a teacup manufactured by airhead Ardern.


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  • nzd.gbp

    The attempt by Ms Ardern to allude to the fact that a number of those cases in 2007 were for the relocation of domestic violence victims was very strange. If the assistance was indeed misused in such a way then it can only have suppressed the full accounting of domestic violence and inflated the workplace transition numbers under Labour. Quite an admission.

    • Patrick

      I wouldn’t be suprised – it is another example of Labour misusing the system for their own ends just as hiding people on ACC was an attempt to lower the sickness and unemployment benificiaries.

      • nzd.gbp

        Ardern was trying to shame Bennett for questioning the value of giving assistance to victims of domestic violence, which is just incredible stupidity when you’ve just admitted that you had to fudge the numbers to give these women the assistance they needed under the Labour government.

  • Michael


  • Honcho

    The thing is, I do not see it as a misuse of funds at all, WINZ should send more job seekers to australia if thats where they want to go to work.
    $4k to send 6 people over sounds quite steep, but when you factor in the fact that they will now be off the system and cease to be net tax takers, then it makes perfect financial sense and will easily pay dividends in its first month.

    If these people think they have a chance at a better life over the ditch then good luck to them, I actually do like the fact that its sink or swim for kiwis over there, if you needed any motorvation to look after yourself that will do nicely.

    • phronesis

      You could go even further and offer to pay benefits to people who are overseas. They could live quite well in say Thailand or Vietnam. We would have the benefit of not having to pay to police them or fix them up in hospitals. The true cost of beneficiaries is far more than the cash payments they receive and no one really believes they are going to find work unless they want to.

      • Hazards001

        Great idea..we could ship them to Antarctica too..they can ski, snow board and do all the other cool shit people with work and an income get to do as well. Of course if they happen to have only one leg or congenital arthritis or cancer it might be a bit suckful for them…SERIOUSLY??? Ship kiwis to Vietnam?? FFS nice to meet Heinrichs grandson..way to go!

      • Patrick

        You are touching on something that is becoming a reality – plenty of people working in the mines in Aus are actually domiciled in Thailand. Not sure of the tax status but the upfront costs of living are way cheaper – they may be able to offshore their tax liabilities to Thailand but don’t know whether that is the case.

        Also plenty of retired people are now doing the same – the downside is they run the risk of problems with healthcare as they age.

        If these people are doing this then why not the government with beneficiaries?

        Or as has been suggested in the past call for tenders for housing our criminals – places like China & Indonesia etc could house them, bet the crime rate would drop if the criminals knew they faced a stretch in Kerokaban Jail

  • Scanner

    Once again the silly little girl with no life experience proves why Labour will never make it back to the treasury benches, as she climbs into a battle of wits with no ammunition.
    This poster child for stupidity needs to take a couple of years away from the trough, find a real job and live in the real world rather than the fantasy land she now seems to inhabit, time spent fetching Helen’s pipe and slippers doesn’t qualify as a job – FAIL

    • davcav

      Didn’t know pipes come with a harness…

  • Oh Jacinduh…

    If only Auntie Helen was still here to help.

    • blokeintakapuna

      She’s only a skype call away in the NY office…

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    This would be very upsetting for any socialist. They don’t like seeing any their pet “victims” being sent beyond their “herotic” reach.

    • Alloytoo

      Actually it’s the vote fodder they object to losing.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        That’s true. It is much more reliable to pick them up, deliver them to a polling booth and give them KFC, than hope they bother with an overseas vote.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Once again proof that the over educated under experienced lobby fodder are being “groomed for stardom”

  • Gazzaw

    Jacinda was never going to be a match for Bennett. Waikato ‘Uni’ v. School of Hard Knocks. Paula will see Ardern out of her shadow portfolio unless she lifts her game in the House. Labour just has to reduce the number of SMOGs to retain some credibility. Mind you, Ardern’s wasn’t the biggest yesterday – the Nats still have to get their full pound of flesh from Goff’s outrageous and badly researched attack on Keily.

  • Mediaan

    As Owl pointed out, Labour has shown us no welfare policy. Come on, Jacinda, where is it? What is it? Do you have one?

    Flamboyant but worthless is her style. Empty questions from Ardern are obviously meant to distract us from the lack of policy outline — from her.

  • blokeintakapuna

    When bereft of ideas – credible or otherwise – if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance… baffle them with bullshit. Fling enough mud around and hope some of it sticks… trouble for show-pony Adern is… that the mud flung back into her own face.

    2007 – 16 people… talk about own goal and yet another Labour failure.

    No wonder the greens appear more credible these days…

    • Travis Poulson

      Labour wins, 16 goals to 6.

  • LesleyNZ

    Slam dunk! Love how Trev jumps up like a “knight in shining armour” and comes alive after looking so bored listening to Jacinda’s question. What on earth was he going on about? He didn’t make any sense.

    • Scanner

      Trev make sense, there’s an oxymoron for you to ponder

    • In Vino Veritas

      Mallard is the new Winston Peters. Without the animal cleverness. Without any cleverness at all.

      • Patrick

        Nah Trev lets his mouth engage way before his brain gets up to speed. Like or dislike Peters he is as cunning as a shithouse rat

  • cows4me

    Would it be possible to get parliamentary services to buy comrade Cindy a plane trip to Cuba? I’m sure Castro could find a nice job for someone of her skills and devotion to the socialist cause. I wonder what she would be like cutting sugar cane.

  • In Vino Veritas

    And this is a woman that Labour think is going to become Prime Minister? Surely they have got rocks in their heads, unless there’s a conspiracy theory!

  • Scanner

    How can you expect someone who has never had a real job in the real world to know what they are talking about.
    We have to remember this silly little girl did her apprenticeship looking out at the world from under Auntie Helen’s skirt, and as such is doing her hardest to prove she knows as much about welfare as my arsehole knows about steamboat navigation.

    • Hulun never wore skirts, she wus a pants sort of guy.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    They are afraid their little dears, once clear of NCEA and having learned to speak Australian, will vote Labor rather than Labour.

  • Patrick

    What is it with Trev? He is like Adern’s knight in shining armour. He is so desperate to shag Adern, it is so obvious & he acts like an adolescent boy.
    Wha an absolute cock he is.

  • Patrick

    The problem is – just as night follows day one day Labour will be back in Government. Based on their current hierachy Adern will be one of their most high profile Ministers. The old codgers like Mallard are lining themselves up to ride on her coat tails because the likes of Mallard knows he cannot do it on his own anymore.
    Why are the voters so thick that they entertain this rabble of commies?

  • greatscott

    She can’t even win a debate in parliament let alone her electorate – They shouldn’t let non electorate MP’s get into the top 60% of the party.

    • davcav

      In Labour? Yes they should, pure comedic gold.

    • Patrick

      very handy in a mass debate with H1 & H2 apparently

      • Scanner


  • Good grief, socialist Cindy is definitely a horse with a bone eh….

    Cameron you need to get this stuff mainstream – it’s just classic dumb hypocrisy from Labour.

    And then there is the fact as Cactus pointed out – a grant is mere peanuts to get the bludgers out of NZ! I say grant more one way with return only being accepted if they have a job and less than 3 kids!!!

  • Hazards001

    All the above not withstanding I’d just like to say (and not attempting to hijack the thread…I’ve had my say on Ardern) what an outstanding speaker Smith has been. He shows genuine impartiality in the role as well as an acute understanding of the rules governing the position. The man was placed in the position as a slight and took to the role like a…..errrr…well actually he took to it like a school teacher (gawd seeing him in that gown he still looks like he’s on It’s Academic) but even so he has given credibility to a position that has rarely had any in the House and his replacement is going to have a hard act to follow.

  • Mr_V4

    I think Mr Ed got turned on at 6:40sec.