Sledge of the Day – Collins crushes Labour whingers…again

Judith Collins is the government duty minister at the moment. And right on cue the Labour party are whinging and manufacturing a story about the cost of DPS. They do this every year.

Judith Collins however summarises and dismisses their whinging in typical fashion:

Duty minister Judith Collins said police had a budget of $1.4 billion a year so it was a small amount in the scheme of things, and police shouldn’t have to put up with “nitpicking” comment around how they did their job.

“I would point out too there was in fact a Rugby World Cup during that financial year, there were a tremendous amount of dignitaries coming and going from New Zealand and, frankly, I would expect that the police should be allowed to get on with their job,” she said.

“There’s also things such as the election, and the leader of the opposition at the time, Phil Goff, he needed to have the diplomatic protection squad with him – possibly to protect him from his own colleagues.”

She could have also pointed out that labour supporters and the left wing in general are far nastier so it is to be expected that the bills are higher than when their team is in power.