Snails, then Ducks and now Wetas halt progress

The bush and its inhabitants deserve our concern and protection, but at the end of the day people in NZ should be able to work, eat and live in the country, even if according to Gaia we humans are a destructive species that should die out.

One of the last chances for jobs on the West Coast (a SAFE open-cast mine compared to underground mines) is now under attack because there is a possibility that a weta  might  be threatened.

Environmental lobby Forest & Bird says a new species of cave weta found on the West Coast’s Denniston Plateau is another piece of unique ecology which could be lost if an open-cast coal mine is built there.

Forest & Bird spokesperson Debs Martin said the new species of weta shows there is still more to learn about the ecological system on the plateau, and it’s not yet known what would happen to it if an open-cast mine is built.

Maybe it’s not yet known what will happen to the weta, but it is easy to say what will happen if this and other activity is banned just in case the weta doesn’t like it – the people of the West Coast will be on the bones of their backsides &/or the dole because there are no jobs.

Once again the Greenie wankers stop this country from progressing.


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  • Gazzaw

    Nothing that a few cans of Mortein applied nocturnally ‘Piha-style’ couldn’t fix up in a hurry.

    • Mediaan

      No, not Mortein. Disgusting overkill.

      Leave the wetas to take their chances. My bet is they can scuttle away well ahead of the average miner or earth-moving machine. They’ve been finding their way out of threatening situations for millions of years.

      (Any idiot can spray poison, and most idiots do.)

  • Andy

    Funny how the Greens never mention the thousands of birds and bats slaughtered by wind turbines every year, some close to extinction (e.g the Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagle)

    • In Vino Veritas

      Nice point Andy. Given that a few hundred birds dieing when the Rena ran aground was a “disaster”, how do the Greens reconcile 6 – 18 million birds and bats being killed by turbines in Spain each year? The Altamont Pass windfarm in central California kills around 4,700 birds annually, including around 70 Golden Eagles. Where is their reconciliation with that? Wait! They’ll soon ask for a ban on wind farms!

      • Andy

        My hunch would be “follow the money”

      • Neil

        Not sure we would end up with the same numbers here as most of the wind farm locations do not attract the same levels of bird-life Altamont Pass does, our bird-life tend to be more concentrated to more forested areas than the
        open rolling hillsides used for our windfarms. For those not aware of the study IVV is referring to here is a link. One of the interesting things is actual numbers counted of between 6-10 eagles ended up being 70 per year in his report. On other websites the numbers have been discredited by statements of if the totals alleged had occurred then the eagles would be extinct by now, not just gone from that area.

        • In Vino Veritas

          Neil, you may be right about bird life concentrations in NZ, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. If Rena was a birdlife “disaster” then surely the Greens must consider Altamont (and scores of other windfarms), are disasters? And overall, the building of windfarms across the globe and the death rates of birdies must be an anaethma to them?

    • LabTested

      Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study

      Despite the evidence that wind farms may not do much environmentally wise, I do like them. I spend a lot of time in europe and I find a landscape of wind turbines like a modern sculpture. Very beautiful and thought provoking.

      .. and, unlike a power station, they can always be dismantled in a few years

      • Andy

        You might enjoy some pictures I put together of these “modern sculptures” gracing the Scottish Highlands.

        As you say, they don’t do much, environmentally or economically, but they do make their owners wealthy at the expense of the general public

        • LabTested

          Thanks for the photos. Limit on Canadian Geese (in Canada) is 50 a person this year. I do not mind if the wind mills get one or 2 or 10.

          Snow Geese is open season (but I may be wrong)

          but.. Wind Mills Kill Whales .. F… U Green Peace

          Environmentalists link whale beachings to offshore windfarm sonar

        • Mediaan

          Their owners get “wealthy?”

          Even if you are not generous enough to applaud others’ success, that wealth seeps round in the community. It gets spent on butchers and couriers and movies and shoes. It keeps jobs going. It makes others prosperous in turn. On the way it feeds taxes to government, so the needy can be paid benefits.

          Which part of that don’t you like? Or are you just a fog wit?

          “At the expense of the general public”, you add indignantly. That is different from all trade and all commerce how?

          • Callum

            The difference is the government picking winners with other peoples money. If they can’t stand by themselves then subsidies won’t help long teerm.

          • Andy

            I was referring to making money via ROCs and FiT subsidies rather than making money via normal trade. Money gets paid to wind developers via increased fuel bills regardless of whether turbines are generating any electricity or not (I am referring to the UK here)

          • Mediaan

            Glad you oppose subsidies.

      • Liberty

        Stuffs up the countryside.
        Give be a man made hydro Lake.

      • Mediaan

        Article says they cause “local meteorological effects” to be more precise. Local area, slight warming.

        The way you used the term, you might as well say an ice-rink causes climate change.

  • maninblack

    where has that nicola toki gone>? did she get the arse from forest and bird..

  • Scanner

    A total crock of shit, these eco-wankers have played this “invent-a-species” game for too long, progress and prosperity go hand in hand and the extraction of coal from the Denniston Plateau is a managed process using best practice methods and done under the direct supervision of DOC.
    Interesting how none of the objectors seem to live south of Cook Strait, as for the media they are as bad as the eco Nazis they only seem interested in a story, not the truth, an example being the pictures shown always seem to be during the mining process never after the ground is rehabilitated, once again never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • I’ve spent many an hour over half a dozen visits on Denniston Plateau over the last 10 years or so, and it’s a very special place. I’d love to see it left untouched if possible.


    What most people don’t realise is that all those walking tracks, tramping tracks, and crazy roads that seem to go into the middle of nowhere are the remains of natural resource extraction activities of the past.

    We now celebrate this access, the heritage and the beautiful places that have become accessible to us weekend warriors, because of the accessibility the miners in the past created.

    So why can’t we have a reality check and realise that mining today is simply the next step in this process? 100 years from now, our children’s children will be walking these area, enjoying the access, the landscape, the heritage.

    True, once you start in a location, you’ll never get it back the way it was. That’s why it needs to be done with some degree of care and careful selection.

    But the situation where nothing gets touched at all? That’s equally unacceptable.

    Forest & Bird have a position of “nothing to be touched at all”. They are quite militant in their approach. Common sense doesn’t enter into it. A tree is more important than a family trying to make a living and educating its children.

    Forest & Bird would defend a Manuka tree if it was on conservation land. This sort of one-eyed activism makes them effectively useless. They’ve pretty much taken on a Greenpeace approach.

    • Neil

      Hey I’ve got an idea – if it worked so well back then – let them mine again using the same techniques…..this would have an added advantage of requiring ten times a much manpower as the 21st century extraction methods – problem well solved.

      • Mediaan

        Pay them what?

  • Oh bollocks! One of the most pristine areas of native fauna & flora that has taken millenia to evolved should be destroyed for the sake of a few quick bucks.
    How fucking short-sighted can you be!

    • In Vino Veritas

      Short sighted Bernard? Nature has created and destroyed the area of the Denniston Plateau for more millenia that it has taken for its current state to evolve. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, fire, weather etc. They’ve all had a say in what you see today. Species have come and gone as time has moved on. To say that an ecological system that is relatively young in the scheme of things should be “saved” is just being non-sensical. Once the area has been mined, it will revert back to something completely different.

      • Andy

        The area that they are proposing to mine on Denniston is pretty small. If you go up to the plateau, it is pretty hard to see the mines. The bush has a pretty good chance at reclaiming any human activity over on this part of the Coast, anyway

    • Liberty

      You are wrong there. Vegetation has only been around. For a
      short time in relation to the age of earth.

    • Gazzaw

      A few quick bucks is what keeps you in the style to which you have become accustomed Bernard.

    • Red

      You call a millenia the period since 1969 Bernard ???? Denniston has already been dug over, starting in the 1870’s – fooled you though Bernie, must’ve come away again to native bush quite nicely did it?.
      A typically knee jerk response from you with no science nor history needed. That’s where NZ ecologists get it wrong from the start, a total lack of critical thinking. This rings bells of the West Coasts critically endangered 200ish snails which Solid Energy were told to recover…. out of those 200 they’ve only managed to recover about 6,000, for Doc to let them die in a freezer . Pffft

    • Scanner

      So Bernard, enlighten us as to your obvious knowledge of modern mining methods and as to the controls placed on rehabilitation after the mining process, I would venture to suggest your rant comes via some grubby little document full of half truths created by Forrest and Bird to justify their stance.
      Perhaps it’s time to create a new protest group, a good name would be something like “Lets Save the World from Ignorant Luddites, who think they know everything and Actually know Fuck All”

    • Mediaan

      Absolutely, Bernard, and the same applies to the last vegetable or meat meal you ate. Taken millennia to evolve, perfect and balanced in its ecology, along comes bloody nuisance Bernard and wants food.

      Bernard is the problem. Thinks he is worth destroying native flora and fauna from some part of the planet. Him!!!

      And for what? The short-sighted bugger wants food. How absurd, to destroy pristine ecology just because Bernard wants to eat. Ridiculous.

  • No problem; just send John Key and Bear Grylls down there for a feed!

  • unitedtribes

    I thought Weta’s liked holes in the ground

    • Pokerface

      If a few people carried a bottle of “Twink” as we moved around the country, white faced wetas could be photographed in many places – Dennison Plateau wouldn’t be so important?

      • Mediaan

        Shocking. Racism will get us nowhere.

  • cows4me

    You have to feel for the people on the coast they must have had a guts full of these dick pullers by now. Forest and bird live by the tax paid from by producers. Isn’t it about time our impotent politicians stood up for the people who continually get trampled by these Eco Nazis. I thought the Nats were trying to turn this country around job wise, they ain’t trying to hard if you ask me.

  • Patrick

    Stop p1ssing around 20,000l of 245T boom sprayed from a plane and get in and mine the place.

    While you’re at it bring a giant rock crusher into Wellington & pull down that waste of money called the beehive. Recycle the place & turn it into a park. Half a dozen portacabins in a back street somewhere is all that is needed for the dozen or so pollies that could run NZ.

  • Dave

    Everyone seems to have missed the point, Snails, Ducks and Weta’s are nothing, once finally approved the mythical West Coast Tanawhai will turn up, demand millions, and poof, disappear once the huge Koha is paid to local Maori.