Send WOBH your?guerrilla snap shots as you move around NZ / the World over the next few weeks, and they’ll be posted here for the rest of us to enjoy.

Here are the rules

  • Send them to [email protected]
  • They will be posted without attribution. ?If you want to claim credit, use the comments.
  • If taken on private property, you must have the permission of anyone recognisable in the photo. ?If you don’t, and we get a complaint, we’ll forward your details to the complainant.
  • Any recognisable children in the photo must be your own.
  • Anything illegal, naked or cringe-worthy will be culled. ?As will sunsets.

This is a chance to share your Kiwi summer with the rest of the Whale Army. ? Let’s get going!


  • Cool things you spotted while out and about
  • Planking, Gangnam style or make up your own new fad
  • “We read WOBH here” shots showing phones, tablets, iPads, laptops at the summit, on the water, riding a train, etc.
  • Anything funny, odd, interesting
  • Hunt down those pollies and A, B and C list celebs as you spot them about town and ask them if you can have a shot

Try to keep it interesting.

Here’s a hint: ?Picture of a boat. ?Meh. ?You are driving a boat. ?Better. ?You are a boat. ?Best.