Some Common Sense Around Guns in U.S. Schools

Following the recent shootings in Connecticut there has been plenty of outrage and opinion over guns and gun laws in the U.S. There’s been plenty of opposition covered by the MSM, but common sense and education is the best policy, not banning or tightening gun laws.


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  • Mr_V4
    • Mr_Blobby

      Not really the worst case scenario is for the Police to be
      armed and the criminals to be armed and an unarmed population caught in the
      middle. As you can’t have a policeman on every corner and the first responder
      to any crime will be the victim. In this situation you give the initiative to
      the criminals how has that worked out in places with strict gun control.

      • Mr_V4

        Are you armed when you pop down to the dairy, movies, shopping centre?

    • Orange

      Speed draw never won fights in the wild west. People usually got shot in the back, either running away or just not looking in the right direction.

    • It is stupid…the cop who came in knew who had the gun from the get go so targeted him…plus the kid was a dick…stood up exposing himself more…should have taken cover, got secure then got the bad guy…always put things between you and the bad guy. Plus the stupid location of his holster and the dumb clothing choices. The whole video was set up to show failure.

      If you want to be any good with firearms then nothing beats rounds down range, and in NRA style training and IPSC to simulate stress and do it often, like every second weekend and you are getting somewhere…like I have said many many times nothing beats training.

      • JC

        Yes its a fail video.

        First it assumes the shooter is a trained gunman who just bursts in on a tightly enclosed group rather than a nutter who shoots his way forward and herds his victims.

        Second, it assumes that students are going to be carrying a gun on a hip (concealed carry?) and shoot in a second as opposed to being several classrooms away and having a minute or two to get prepared.

        Third, it is assumed that it is a fail if several people get shot before the armed student/teacher gets into action when the whole point of armed defence in such situations is to *reduce* the killings or *stop* the rampage.. it is ridiculous to assume that this is a “Quick Draw Mcgraw” contest.

        Fourth, most rampage killers are stopped by unarmed people.. ofter the gym or phys-ed teacher and students in schools or brave bystanders at malls.. remember the same packed humanity that attracts the shooters also makes them close to those who might retaliate.. all of the points raised in the video that show students unable to respond effectively to the shooter also apply to the shooter.. he can only be effective against passive cowering targets and has only seconds of effectiveness if the “victims” rush him or shoot at him.

        Fifth,it took Lanza 11 minutes to kill 26 people and the Virginia Tech murderer 2 hours to kill 32 people.. thats an awful long time for amateur concealed carriers to get there and build up the defence.. regardless of their abilities to get a gun out in seconds.. it might take minutes but they can dramatically reduce the death toll.

        Finally.. that shooter who rushes into a U shaped class room and starts shooting can only survive if everybody to the side and behind him cowers and doesn’t rush him as they often do..the untrained shooter too.. has tunnel vision.


      • Mr_V4

        Like I said provocative. I agree with most of those points. Although would suggest the training those cops advocated would be far better than “rounds down range” and the old style target..

        But you also have to acknowledge that many of those who have weapons for ‘defence’ have no such training whatsoever, and people being human tend to imagine a “self defence” scenario in their mind that does not necessarily match the reality. Similar to how 80% of people beleive they are better than the average driver.
        How likely was it the mother of that Lanza bloke who bought herself three weapons for defence imagined herself being murdered by her son with those very weapons along with a bunch of school children?

  • JC

    In no particular order..

    Surveys after shooting show resistance to banning handguns is building.

    The NRA is more popular than Obama.

    With the nations toughest gun laws Chicago has just recorded its 500th homicide for the year.

    Basically the lefties have blown it with their over the top attempts to put the hate on gun owners.


  • cows4me

    What really gets me spewing is the self righteous indignation of the left leadership in the US. Barry’s daughter’s go to a school with over a dozen armed guards on staff. This is not because they are the president’s daughters but standard policy at this institution. Why should the rich, privileged or elite enjoy security will telling ordinary people they have no right to defend their schools and children. These people are filth and I applaud the attitude of the common man to bare arms. Until all are willing to lay down their arms, starting from the top down then there would be no way I would surrender any less then a shell casing. The same applies for this joint as far as I’m concerned.

  • NZatlarge

    How to know you have some thing wrong with your constitution and legislation – Teachers need to carry firearms to work.

    All of these recent shootings (Batman shooting, Virginia Tech) the perp has used military style automatic weapons. Why can’t they put some legislation around these sort of weapons? Half of the general population have more firepower than than their troops in the Middle East. These type of weapons only have one purpose, regardless of what the critics say (“modern weapons are needed for today’s modern animals like the flying squirell and electric eel”)

    It seems absurd to me that the solution to gun violence is more guns. Putting out fire with gasoline?