Some fun for the Army

The Green Taliban have launched a new website for us all to have at for a bit of summer fun. Gareth Hughes has thoughtfully spent tax payer cash on the site. They’d never spend their own money on stuff like this.

They allow you to add a beach and then vote for it. It also appears you can vote multiple times.

I thoughtfully added Whaleoil Beach. However the fun police at the Green Taliban HQ have now deleted it. I got a screenshot though.

Whaleoil Beach

Some one has added Big Boobs Cove?too but that is now gone as well.

Plus there was a Seal Clubbers Bay?which has also been deleted.

Penguin Shaggers Bay was added…I wonder if Gareth Morgan lives there?

Penguinshaggers bay

I wouldn’t rely on the votes…it appears that the Green Taliban are manipulating the votes, they are certainly deleting beaches that people add.

Still you can keep them busy by adding beaches all over the place. But watch out because they are recording IP address information and when you piss them off enough they block you.