Some people are just plain scum

Everyone knows my tolerance for looter is very low…anyone who goes and takes advantage of people suffering in the wake of a natural disaster really should be hurt…badly:

Looters claiming to be contractors have hit at least one tornado-damaged Hobsonville home, prompting authorities to tighten security in the area.

Cordons were set up around the Wallingford Way area after it was badly hit by Thursday’s deadly tornado.

But despite the security measures, looters were able to enter the cordon zone by posing as contractors.

Civil Defence controller Clive Manley said he was aware of one such incident over the weekend, which was reported to police.

He said it was an isolated incident but it was being taken “very seriously”.

“This goes on in normal life and you would hope that it would stop in these sorts of events, but unfortunately there are still people out there who do these things and they continue to do them, which is most unfortunate.”

Mr Manley said security at the cordons had been tightened as a result.


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  • Manacles when they go to court. Stocks after sentencing.

    • Honcho

      Publish the names. Im sure they will be sorted out in due course.

      What really sickens me is these are the family homes of NZDF servicemen and women, they are not rich people but they work hard for what little they have. Its a hard job, and a hard life especially for the families, pulling this sort of shit to these sorts of people is sickening, and the perps should be publicly shamed and exiled.

    • Stocks in the “town square” would be a good idea for a bunch of anti-society crimes. Some serious public humiliation would go a long way towards deterrence that hiding away on home-detention or jail would not.

      I’d even be ok with protecting the scum from vigilante damage. Just seriously harsh public humiliation. Might sound weak – but I think it’d be quite effective

  • Gazzaw

    “This goes on in normal life”…………. Bullshit, Clive Manley.

    This is thieving of the lowest common denominator & there should be something written into our criminal code that specifically covers looting with a really punitive minimum sentence.

  • Dion

    I’m not defending these people – but the media do love to throw the term “looter” around a lot.

    I recall the media reporting “looting” after the September earthquake in Christchurch – and all it was just a case of someone stealing a pie from a service station.

    They’re not looters, they’re theives. Which is nothing a few months in prison can’t sort out.

  • Martial law, shoot all tresspassers!

  • Tristanb

    There was hardly any looting in Japan after the tsunami. And look at NZ.

    It’s not most of NZ though. It’s a (growing) minority of scumbag ferals.

    The people doing this will be experienced criminals. They know that they stand to make a thousand or so from stolen goods, and the only downside if they’re caught will be an apology to a judge and a warning. (Often they get an apology from the judge for society failing them.)

    And of course, if they were in prison for their previous crimes, they wouldn’t be able to take advantage now.

  • Patrick

    Poor old Clive Manley – not only is he giving up his time to do this job but his local community repays him by ripping off their neighbours.
    Tazer the fuck out of the thieving bastards – there is absolutely no excuse for thieving off anyone