SPCA: Strategically Placed Commercial Advertising

Regan from Throng blogs about the crass attempt by DraftFCB to free load off bloggers. They are one of the worst offenders to this sort of tactic.

David Farrar also keeps on pimping for them though because they are the ones who gave him a free trip to Queenstown and a free X5 for a weekend as well as an outing for some chick he is trying to run one up.

But then when you have bloggers like David who are flipping it up for free why wouldn’t you take advantage of them. This is the same problem?not dissimilar to the prostitution industry in some town around NZ.?Namely ,that it is difficult for the prostitutes to get paid because the enthusiastic amateurs are flipping it up for free.

Campbell Live ran a fluff piece on Monday night about a dog being able to drive a car under the guise of the SPCA pimping unwanted dogs as pets.

Over the last week, big budget advertising and PR company Draft FCB have been begging bloggers and media to talk up their ?SPCA? campaign and tune in to watch the dogs on Campbell Live. The reality is it wasn?t an SPCA campaign at all.

When asked by Campbell Live?s Lachlan Forsyth as to how much the campaign had cost them, Christine Kalin, SPCA Auckland?s CEO responded with ?it cost us 15 dog collars?.

That would be because the campaign was actually a publicity stunt by BMW brand, Mini.

The campaign uses the incredible goodwill of the global organisation, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to simply try and sell you a car.

The embarrassing live display on Campbell Live resulted in humans having to push the Mini after the dog failed to perform and drove it off the road. ?Apparently the dog had been performing its trick fine prior to the live broadcast so I guess we must assume it was a fault with the Mini.