Starve the “not-normals” of oxygen

OK, so the teachers’ unions and their Labour/Green lapdogs have had their day in the sun.

It has?to stop.

And let’s not forget the only tactic these scum have is to try and force the?sacking or resignation of the education minister – so they can go on serving their own interests at the expense of kids.

They tried it with Tolley -?and didn’t they just hate it when she refused to back down and won the battles of national standards, cuts to the bloated ECE sector, pay talks and hobby night classes.

Tolley’s rat cunning?divided the unions and made?them look?selfish and unreasonable, while keeping?parents onside.

Now the unions are back, all over the media pretending they are normal and pretending they care about education.

They are not normal. They don’t give a?damn about parents or?students.

They want to be in charge of the education sector. They think they have won.

They must be stopped.