Stuff starts the leak on teacher with name suppression

Yesterday, it was “a teacher from Auckland”. ?That’s all we knew.

Today, the Herald has a piece on how a letter was sent home to parents in which they are instructed to uphold the name suppression order. No gossip, no social media, nothing.

But at the same time,?Stuff?ups the anti:

A West Auckland primary school teacher has been arrested and charged with indecently assaulting his pupils.

The teacher, aged in his 60s, was arrested last week as the result of a “full and thorough” investigation, police said.

Just like the New Zealand Olympian with Name Suppression, and the New Zealand Comedian with Name Suppression, give it a few more days, and we’ll all know who the West Auckland Teacher with Name Suppression is.

It’s because the papers leak little bits of information over a number of days. ?They have always done so. ?And they never get taken to court for it.