Stuffed Fairfax, Ctd

Has there been some management decision at Fairfax to engage the NZ Horrid to a race to the bottom?  It certainly appears that way as they have another pearler today trying to stick one to the Government.

It seems Aucklanders Melanie Daniels and Terry Clarke are having a particularly bad time of it living at a Housing New Zealand property:

A year of dead rats, arson, tagging and burglary has finally driven an Auckland family out of their Housing New Zealand home.

Melanie Daniels, Terry Clarke and their son Simon, three, have been the victims of a campaign of torment since March.

Dead rats began appearing in their Randwick Park mailbox in March and then the mailbox was set on fire.

Tagging came next, but the last straw came on Guy Fawkes night when someone broke into their home and smashed it up.

Yikes.  That sounds bad.

The family has been having issues with one of their Shifnal Dr neighbours and claim it was just a matter of time before something like the break-in happened.

”We’ve warned them and the police have warned them that this was going to happen.

”It needs to be sorted out now – there’s a three-year-old child here and it has just gone too far.”

Well, it seems pretty nasty alright.  So, who’s to blame for this?  Housing New Zealand.

Yes, you read that right.

They claim it has taken months of complaints and appeals to Housing NZ to get anything done.

“‘It’s ridiculous – Housing New Zealand’s not helping,” Daniels said.

They’re not helping!

[Daniels] said it seems Housing NZ didn’t want to know about the situation and claims they led her to believe she’d have to pay for the damage caused during the break-in, something the Government organisation denies.

Housing NZ Tenancy services manager Denise Fink said staff had met with Daniels and Clarke and are taking their safety concerns seriously.

The family was given the option of applying for a transfer which they had taken, she said.

Oh, they are helping.

When there is a feud with a neighbour, it is a police matter.  But according to the Stuff longbow hitsquad member Jay Boreham, it’s another reason to write a government hit piece.

The real story, how it all started in March, why this feud is still going on, why the Police haven’t been able to act, and what our Newspaper Article Couple of the Day have done to deserve this response seems to have been glossed over.

But it doesn’t matter.  It’s Housing New Zealand’s fault when you get a rat in your letter box or have your TV smashed during a burglary.



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  • Mediaan

    Real New Zealanders sort things, they don’t complain. Some of these areas are socially bad, yes. Um. Now, what would fix that? Um….

  • Liberty

    A another pathetic attempt by the lefty media.

    “Blame the government”

    Instead of some facts.
    Such as.
    What was the dispute about ?

  • cows4me

    This is one of thousands of examples of how far left this country has sunk. Government should embrace cases like this, their polices are bearing ripe fruit. For the last 40 to 50 years personal responsibility has been replaced by government entitlements and polices have castrated the people from concepts like natural justice, self pride, community, etc. Be proud politicians you have your beholding, needy citizens. You have your yoke on the people and it won’t be long before all our backs are broken, yours included.

  • Magor

    Have you seen the size of that TV!!!!!!
    Oh well now i feel better at least – my tax dollars are really been put to good use here (not!!!) – bloody hell.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Housing NZ (aka the tax-payer) not helping? They have given you a fucking house! Don’t like your “affordable” neighbours? Move out.