Sunday General Debate

It’s that time of year.  Busy everywhere.  People on the road even bigger A-holes than normal.  Parking Courtesy is a nebulous concept.  Stressing about things.  Presents.  Postage.  Timing.

And then the tree needs to go up.

At least we’ve got that sorted.


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  • cows4me

    Gee WO can send you one with a bit more plumage. Got the chainsaw out to deal to one for the kids later today. Might be struggle getting it in your letterbox though.
    Hope your guys got the beers on ice in Auckland, the missus and I are taking a few days of to go to the wife’s nephews wedding. Kids looking after ranch, gumboots are to stay at home and I’m to behave myself. Knowing the missus family this will indeed be a struggle.

    • Gazzaw

      You poor bastard Cows. Don’t go anywhere near the CBD FFS, it was a bloody circus yesterday. Just give the keys for the ute to the missus.

      • cows4me

        No it’s in South Auckland somewhere Gazzaw, Mrs Garmin should be able to find it.

        • Patrick

          South Auckland – Good luck with that then – sure the ute will still be there when you go to leave?

          • cows4me

            Should be right Patrick, missus whanau pretty hard crew. Last time I was up there they took me to some rather dubious watering holes, not hard to spot the honky when you are the only one there. Anhow usually have a great time, plenty of laughs.

          • Dave

            C4M am sure you will be okay as long as you don’t go into the pub wearing a suit and looking like a Banker or a Detective. Some real hard cases in Sth and West Auckland.

          • cows4me

            No chance of that Dave, never owned a suit and I very seriously doubt that someone could confuse me as a banker or a D. I will be fine.

    • ^^^ this little jerk needs a lesson in how to HTFU. i can not understant why this crap gets the sob treatment in the media.

    • article is about a kid who is having a sook about being told to stop giving the finger to the police. the police use the f word. sooky boy has never ever heard the word before, you would think. he needs a good belting.

      • He says the phone was recording…by accident… about he gives us ALL the audio…I’ll just bet him and his mate were carrying on like little arseholes…right before the police lights came on.

        • Dave

          I invite him to deliver his phone to you Cameron, so you can post the entire recording, bet he has deleted or edited it by now. He should remember Karma is a bitch, and one day……. one day, he will piss someone off who will react, one can only hope the cops are busy dealing with some toe rag giving them grief.

    • Mediaan

      There are excuses for the language. The officer has been treated with hostility by a gesturing teen. He approaches the car knowing he has to take the upper hand and establish superior strength immediately. It’s a shortcut.

      Anyway, people who are still complaining about certain Anglo-Saxon words need to get a life. The Roman occupation is over. They left Britain. They left behind their longer latinised words, and a bullying ethos that insisted the locals were wicked and criminal if they continued using old English words. Centuries later, we still have idiots trying to enforce that, despite the words now being okay on tv and elsewhere. That means most four letter words.

      • Mediaan

        By the way. Foxton area, special case. Very bad gangs of kids. Not sure if it is connected to the proximity of communications spy base at Tangimoana. Also some quite weird locals.

      • UglyTruth

        The Roman occupation may have left, but the Roman church remains.

        • Gazzaw

          The Roman Catholic church has no connection whatsoever with the Roman occupation of Britain.

      • Gazzaw

        The Romans left Britain in 4th century & the Anglo-Saxons started to arrive late 5th century. The indigenous (oh how I hate that word!) languages at the time of the Roman occupation were Celtic dialects not Anglo-Saxon.

        I think you may mean Norman occupation but the Normans never left & were just absorbed by the Anglo-Saxons to become the English race as we know it today.

        • Mediaan

          My central point remains, despite your history signposts.

          Here, and in other English speaking countries, in the 20th century, dimbrains would still try to shame you, if not charge you in court, for using English words that were shorter and older than the Roman-introduced Latin-based multi-syllable words.

          That is, 17 centuries after the Roman centurions had sailed out of Britain.

          Even here in NZ, we were supposed to say copulate, not fuck. Latin, not Old English.

          Remember when some NZ Roman-brain actually got the police to set up a charge against Germaine Greer for saying “fuck” at one of our airports? As I recall, years later she was still going to be prosecuted if she came back here. Shameful and embarrassing.

          Today fuck and other four letter words (which are the old English ones) are ordinary usage,. They have been tested and found okay on television or radio.

          I personally avoid them, true, but that’s because of all the tiresome people who still think in the 4th century, influenced by fear of the horrible culture-swamping Romans. I’m hoping they will all die out fairly soon.

    • Rodger T

      Here is a speed camera operator catching a mouthful,

      I`m assuming the little shit was parked across from him flashing his lights to warn oncoming cars of the speed cam.

      BEWARE language NSFW. LoL ,in Wanganui apparently.

      • Travis Poulson

        Who does that cunt think he is? Speed camera operators are not sworn police officers, he has no right to take his keys off him. His job is to sit his wrinkly old arse in that van and stay there. If he got a fuckin’ mouthful, he deserves it. Lucky it wasn’t knuckles. If that guy is breaking the law, then he should call the cops. Obviously anger infected his brain and decided to take it upon himself to do something about it.

        • Rodger T

          yeah ,I thought if he had a problem he should have got a cop to do a drive by.
          Tho` “you money hungry fuckin` homo ” is the latest saying here at work Lol.

          • Travis Poulson

            heh, might jot that one down for future reference ;)

      • that was just sad. two dick heads stirring each other up.

  • Mediaan

    Dangerous dimensions — only gifts in scale with that tree are from a jeweller’s.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    So was anyone else delayed for flights on Thursday/Friday? Was supposed to fly back to Auckland from Christchurch and ended up having to stay the night. Then spent close to 10 hours sitting at the airport using free wifi, got a 8pm flight back.

    What i thought was shit was they didn’t bother to tell you what was going on, it was just a “call the 0800 number” which some lady told me after , and during that sort of shit the phones are turned off anyway.

    • Gazzaw

      Yes POY – I had family heading off from Auckland for a wedding. Flight cancelled, we knew there would be nothing happening that day so came home, waited for the shit to settle and rebooked for early next morning. No dramas – shit happens and Air NZ worked perfectly for us.

      Bullshit to the 0800 lines closing off, in fact they open up more to cope. Unless you were flying Jetstar in which case you get what you deserve!

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Not bullshit, was AirNZ and from around 5.30PM couldn’t get through, guy in motel room next to me was getting the engaged tone when he tried calling as well. Tried again around 10pm, got to the hold music and then hung up around 11 as I couldn’t be fucked waiting any longer.

        I managed to get through around 7am after being on hold for 45 mins. Beats working I suppose, wouldn’t want to live at the airport thats for sure.

        Co-worker has Koru and was in Welly going to Auckland and got a new flight almost straight away, really makes you consider joining because you get better service etc.

        • Dave

          Have always had amazing service, been stranded a few times in NZ due to weather, always been informed and found an alternative flight promptly. If you really want to discover how good Air Nz is, try flying domestically in Aussie on Tiger or JetCrap, worst service possible.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            I’ve pretty much always had good service flying with them as well, Yeah I’ve had some bad times on Jetstar.

        • Gazzaw

          Have to say we have Koru. $350 wellspent each year. I would save three times that on tucker & wine in the lounge never mind the creature comfort & convenience.