Tania Wysocki checks in

Some months ago I went and interviewed Tania Wysocki after she was shamelessly thrown under the bus by sensational media reporting by Simon Collins as he sought to pimp the poor in a series run in the Herald to slam the government.

At the time I stated:

We have discovered that?this woman is not a bludger. Sure she has made mistakes, sure she isn?t a brain surgeon?.but she does have pride and drive and ambition.

We have discovered that?Jacinda Ardern couldn?t even be bothered?driving out to see Tania, instead preferring to?shop the story to Simon Collins.

We have found out that new Green MP is actually doing the job an MP should be doing, and though she is struggling a bit by thinking that asking questions in the house will deliver results, she is at least trying, which is a whole lot more than Jacinda Ardern

We have found that Simon Collins would rather focus on the sensational than the detail as he seeks to manufacture stories of misery as he pimps out the lives of the poor. He is more concerned with the?number?of views on his article than solutions and outcomes for the people he writes about.

After my series of posts which explored many aspets that Simon Collins and the Herald simply couldn’t be bothered covering or even correcting, Tania made me a promise. She said she was going to prove everyone wrong, pass her courses and she would keep me informed along the way.

She has honoured that promise and last night I received a Facebook message with her results for the year.

Hi Cam, Just letting you know I passed this year with 1 C-, 1 C+, 4 B’s and a A+. So happy

Well done Tania, I am very pleased for you, you must be proud of your achievements that?despite?the long hours, the parenting, and the travel backwards and forwards to your courses you?have?succeeded where many thought you wouldn’t.

Please keep me and the readers of the blog informed of progress along the way, and go hard next year. Well done.