Tell him he’s dreamin’

This guy is seriously deluded. Personally I think they should ring fence Palmerston North with razor wire and use it as a detention camp for gingas…or medical experiments.


In a four-part series of discovering New Zealand’s hidden gems, Colin Hogg finds that the Dullsville reputation of Palmerston North is busted by a museum with wow factor and a cool city centre.

It has been suggested that a person could go barmy in Palmy. After visiting the settlement formally known as Palmerston North, the English humorist John Cleese went so far as to say it was just the place to go if you wanted to kill yourself.

Hard talk, but part of a pattern when it comes to the famously misunderstood lower North Island city of more than 80,000. Palmerston North has often had a rough press along with even rougher word of mouth. And, of course, it’s all most unfair.