Tell Him He’s Dreamin’, Ctd

Guy Hallwright, the hit and run loser who drives a Saab doesn’t think a criminal conviction should affect his ability to keep a job. (NBR Online Subscriber Content):

Ms Beck argued Hallwright’s motoring incident did not bring Forsyth Barr into disrepute and media coverage of Hallwright’s trial was never critical of Forsyth Barr.

Hallwright’s conviction had nothing to do with his job.

Any loss of business at the firm as a result of Hallwright’s conviction had not been prooved, Ms Beck said.

“We accept Guy has been brought into disrepute but the employer has not.”

Forsyth Barr’s lawyer Peter Churchman said Hallwright had been put on notice, ahead of his conviction, that there were potential issues with his ongoing employment.

Forsyth Barr did not claim to have lost a particular client or missed out on new business as a result of Hallwright’s conviction.

And his dismissal was not to do with his ability to “crunch the numbers” as a research analyst.

“The issue is what perception the public might reasonably take from his conviction of a Crimes Act offence,” Mr Churchman said.