Tell him he’s Dreamin’, Ctd

I missed this a couple of days ago, Scott Yorke reckons the left need a hero blogger.

What the left needs right now is a blogger who treats every political occasion as a game in which someone wins and someone loses. Someone who reverts to nastiness at every opportunity, while insisting the other side are the nasty ones. Someone who will politicise every occasion to their team’s advantage, even as they accuse others of improper politicisation.

Ideally they’ll be politically connected, so that parties of the left can feed them material for their blog. They will need to have a robust attitude towards defamation laws, and be prepared to post prolifically. They will need to maintain cordial relations with the press, in order to ensure journalists copy and paste their material as often as possible. This means not writing posts attacking journalists. It also means maintaining a public profile. Being anonymous just won’t work. Having integrity and high ethical standards also won’t work.

The blogger will claim to be even-handed, and will scoff at claims they are little more than a partisan hack. They will point to that one time they were mildly critical of their own team as evidence of a lack of bias.

The left is never very good at media because they spend way too much time hating each other rather than hating the government like good right wingers do. On the right we all hate the same thing, there are no splitters and we remember the real enemy is the Labour Party, the Unions, big government and an honourable mention to the Greens.

Sometimes we have to bash our own side like when Farrar goes all pinko on us, but we know deep down his heart is in the right place and the occasional brain fart for money is permissible for someone of his ethnicity. When the pressure goes on we all know that he will be on the right side even if it is a clusterfuck, and mateship counts for a lot more than ideology.

If the left were serious about this they would pay someone to do what Scott advocates, but being a bunch of broken arses they don’t have the money to pay, so it won’t happen.


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  • Jimmie

    In other words a mirror image of yourself WO.

    It won’t work as such a blogger would need a combination of principles they live/blog by, a decent caustic streak, and the ability to reach a wider audience.

    The sticking point for lefties is the principles thing. What do lefties stand for? It has to be more than ripping off tax payers and throwing $$ at beneficiaries.

    • ShaunHay

      Also, Cam attacks journalists all the time.

  • Random66

    I wonder if Silent T would consider rising to the challenge of becoming the left’s hero blogger? I understand he’s now got some time on his hands and is interested in change.

  • Doug

    The trouble with the Left they won’t allow freedom of expression. If you post an alternative
    view on a left blog your post is sent to the dustbin of history is seconds, the poster is never seen again it’s like being sent to the Russian Front.

  • cows4me

    The left need a blogger, no they need a change in direction. Their ideas are bullshit, free speech is a forgein concept. They could have the best blogger in the world but they would still get their arses handed to them on a plate or put it this way, doesn’t how much lipstick is on a pig it’s still a fucken pig.

  • tarkwin

    All that wishing and he gets the Stranded. Can only be karma – he must have done something awful bad.

  • I thought blogging success came through pure hard work. This blog would be a shadow of what it is if you had not spent years writing posts etc. If the left want such a blog then somebody is going to have to do what this blog did.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Will never work. Any leftie that “committed” to leftism has to be so brain damaged as a pre-condition, we could only laugh at him/her. You know the examples.

  • thor42

    The left are basically STUFFED now.
    We on the right OWN the economic and welfare debates. Seeing a leftie trying to make an economic or welfare argument is **painful**.
    All that they have is continual abuse and “more taxes, higher benefits, more borrowing”.

  • Changeiscoming

    They have David Farrar @ Kiwiblog

  • Phar Lap

    The left have a ready made blogger.A wee pest called Barry SLIPPERY SOAP.Just heard him on the Larry show flying a flag for Lie-bours Goff.Goff made a complete fool of himself when he wrongly accused Peter Kiely of corruption.Appears Slippery Soaper agrees with Goff,to a degree.Soaps is the perfect left wing blogger.He certainly has licked quite a few Lie-bour arses in his time, and continues to do so.

  • Blair Mulholland

    They already have Bradbury. How’s that working out for them?

  • Dion

    What’s Scott Yorke on about? They already have social media powerhouse Trevor Mallard.