Thanks for the $1.8M

Patrick Lee-lo

I?ve posted before about a piss-ant little organisation called the?Building Service Contractors or the BSC. It?s headed up by El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

Investigations into the BSC and their financial accounts is shedding some sunlight and shows the BSC is effectively a closeted union organisation ? and you know my views on dodgy scum-bag unions.

I hear Rodney Hide has had some interesting correspondence from Patrick Lee-Lo following his articles in the?NBR exposing Taxpayers fund cosy cleaning cartel. Seems they?ve had to engage a PR firm to send out media releases to try and calm old Rodney down. How?s that going for them?

Looks like they?re going to need more than PR help.

The Owl has been looking into the BSC?s accounts and is shocked to see that they?ve dropped their audit requirement.

They now just do an accounts review ? meaning Markhams the auditors don?t have to qualify anything. Bit of a perfect scenario if you want to spend money and not be reviewed.

One question the Owl has is why did all of a sudden did the BSC drop their audit requirement?

This is even more serious considering that under their constitution they have to have an auditor and audited accounts. Untidy yes.

The Truth will also be told about the BSCs growing nest egg of $1.8 million plus. Maybe this is to support the unions and their political donations to Labour?

Somehow I don?t think El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is going to have a happy January.